Focus Your Dreams, Control Your Money and Ignite Your Life
Format: e-course
Author: Rajen Devadason
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Today, there are so many people who talk and talk and talk about investing and financial planning; but when it boils down to it, they really do not know the nuts and bolts of it. Rajen Devadason, however, is different. Rajen presents ideas that are so simple and easy to comprehend; they make complete sense and are told in such easy English that a ‘non-financial’ person, like me, would understand immediately. No doubt, his credibility is enhanced simply because he has had to experience the emotional and financial heartache of someone who has held a high position in his chosen career, then taken that leap of faith, left this dream job and fulfilled his dreams.

All of this and his vast knowledge comes through in his books; but it all begins with his e-course Focus Your Dreams, Control Your Money and Ignite Your Life.  In this, the concept that struck me the most was something along the lines of this:

Establish a reserve account of cash safely tucked away primarily (or even exclusively) in a bank account. If employed, buffer amounts to between 3 to 6 months’ expenses. If self-employed, buffer should be between 6 and 12 months. For this buffer – be concerned solely with return OF capital and not return ON capital!

Not one single person, to this date, has advised me in this manner. Everyone says, “You can only make money if you spend money. … even if it’s your savings!” What did I do with all that advice? I took it, spent many days pondering over it and really I was able to seek out the right people, ask the right questions and organise my finances in a suitable manner.

When you go through this ecourse, you also come to know a little about the story of Rajen’s life thus far. In so relating this, he has used one of the cardinal rules of telling a great story – tell a little of your own experiences and your story will be more appealing and human. His advice comes from years of practice and experience.

I highly recommend this ecourse.

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