On the whole, the articles listed on this page relate to writing and storytelling.

In the first part, I created a list of articles I wrote that focus on writing a novel. Thereafter, I’ve created an alphabetical list of articles written by others. They have been collected over many years.

You are welcome to consider any of the articles listed below for publication in your website/blog/newsletter. Permission is granted to reprint for free with the resource box and byline intact (this information is placed at the bottom of each article).

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I am aware the list is long. So, please don’t get overwhelmed and close this page. Do take some time to view it. Scroll down the list (all entries have been placed in alphabetical order) and I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

List of Articles that focus on Writing a Novel

Vital Preparation for Aspiring Novelists
Types of Novels – How to Choose a Genre for Your Book
How to Do Research for Your Novel
How to Find Strong Ideas for Your Novel
Why You Must Have a Synopsis of Your Novel
Theme of Your Story
Structure of Your Novel: The Three Act Drama
Types of Plots for Your Novel
Bring to Life the Characters in Your Novel
How to Make Dialogue Dynamic
Spicing Up Your Novel
How to Create the Right Atmosphere in Your Novel
How to Create Suitable Settings for Your Novel

Index of Articles

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