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Aneeta Sundararaj trained as a lawyer and practised for five years before she decided to pursue her dream of writing. On her own, she created and developed this website and called it ‘How to Tell a Great Story’. The aim was to make it resource for storytellers.

Her writing has appeared in many magazines, ezines and journals. By contributing more than 250 feature articles to a national newspaper, New Straits Times, she has been fortunate enough to come into contact with people who have fascinating stories to tell. Many of them have enhanced her experiences and understanding of her home, Malaysia. She strives to share some of these stories in this website.

In the Media:
On Her Own Terms by S. Indra Sathiabalan: The Sun (18 November 2018)
Following Her Dreams by Rynnaas Azlan: Malaysian Business (February 2019)
More on Indentured Labour by Dr. Swagata S. Roy: The Star (5 July 2020)
Reading List: Some Malaysian Authors to Delve Into by Aaron Pereira (27 August 2020)

Below are some of the books (anthologies, biographies, novels and collections) that Aneeta has either worked on or had stories included in them.  Some of these books are no longer in print.


Short Stories and Articles in Magazines

– InfoMed Healthcare Magazine
– Centre of International Standards (April 2012)
– d+a magazine (a Singapore-based bi-monthly magazine featuring works of exceptional architecture and interior design by outstanding design talents worldwide) – 2015 – 2016
– UP Magazine – 2017
Ammavasai – Autumn Gales by Alcove Publishers (2020)
The Legend of Nagakanna – We Mark Your Memory: Writings from the Descendants of Indenture (2018)
The Legend of Nagakanna – Usawa Literary Review (2021)
The Divine at WorkLitGleam (June 2020)
Nuns & RosesAsian Extracts (October 2020)
Cheraiburi ChroniclesAsian Extracts (April 2021)
The Weathermen – A Love Letter – Glittery Literary (Highly Commended – April 2021)
The Flame – Exeter Literary Festival (Longlisted – September 2021)

Articles in Mainstream Media
Here are a handful of the more than 280 articles she’s had published in mainstream media, namely the Life & Times section of the New Straits Times. As the online version of the paper has undergone many changes, some of the links to the articles below are no longer working. Those that have the links are ones that are still available online as of May 2017.

The Call of Aurangabad (23 September 2011) The Chulias of Penang (21 March 2016)
The Misunderstood Shark (27 November 2011) Snapshot of beauty and grace (30 March 2016)
Viva Galloway (3 March 2012) My fellow human (13 June 2016)
A Crack at Ceramics (24 March 2012) A poem a day keeps the doctor away (29 August 2016)
A batik legacy (17 June 2012) – Part of the exhibit in the Museum is this taped message by President Barack Obama (17 June 2012) Memoirs of an indie-comic artist (4 October 2016) 
Snakes alive! (17 November 2012) Landscape Ho! A chat with Terengganu-born artist (16 October 2016)
Waterfall of blessings (27 January 2013) Fragments of a shared history: Islam and Austria (8 December 2016)
Pet-rified of letting go (9 June 2013) A delightful embrace of fashion in dance (5 March 2017)
Hunters with wings (12 October 2013) Umbrella of Faith (13 October 2015)
Tigers, our heritage (26 October 2013) The Perfection of my Father’s passing (19 November 2016)
Texting dreams into reality (3 November 2013) Walkway to conservation (1 January 2017)
One mighty roller coaster ride (19 April 2014) A delightful embrace of fashion in dance (5 March 2017)


Articles published in the New Straits Times to celebrate the coronation of the Sultan of Kedah as the 14th Yang diPertuan Agong on 11 April 2012. Articles published in the New Straits Times to showcase the Animal Welfare Act of 2013.
Letters from Cheraiburi (31 March 2012) Eye on Animal Abusers (6 January 2013)
The Royal Sounds of Nobat (8 April 2012) My pet has a passport (20 January 2013)
Rich Royal History (14 April 2012) No petty affair (6 October 2013)
Blocks of Tradition (22 April 2012)



The Semantics of Democracy


List of Articles that focus on Writing a Novel

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