Rohi Shetty

Rohi Shetty is a medical doctor, Vipassana meditator, writer, editor, translator and blogger. His short stories and articles have been published online and in print. You can read his articles about meditation and creative writing at

Story 1 – Three Reasons Why Every Writer Should Meditate
Story 2 – The Illusion of Reality and the Obstacles to Creativity
Story 3 – The Power of Positivity
Story 4 – The Five Enemies of Creativity
Story 5 – How to Flow in Creativity
Story 6 – Victory Against My Anti-Muse
Story 7 – How P. G. Wodehouse Saved My Life
Story 8 – The Greatest Enemy of Creativity
Story 9 – Six Steps to Becoming a Pro Writer
Story 10 – No Time to Write?
Story 11 – Eight Advantages of Breath-Meditation
Story 12 – Five Reasons Stopping You From Writing Your First Book and How to Overcome Them
Story 13 – Nine Tips to Run a Successful Blog Contest and Boost Traffic to Your Blog
Story 14 – Ten Tips to Protect Yourself From Online Hackers
Story 15 – Three Steps to Building a Successful Life
Story 16 – Avoid These Seven Common Mistakes in Your Blog
Story 17 – How to Find and Use Free Online Photos in Your Blog
Story 18 – Five Benefits of Giving Away Free Reports
Story 19 – Five Brainstorming Techniques to Beat Writer’s Block
Story 20 – Three Simple Ways to Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer
Story 21 – Kick-Start Guide: How to Use Google AdWords
Story 22 – Nine Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List For Free
Story 23 – Benefits of Email Marketing for Online Writers
Story 24 – The Simple No-Frills Way to Shoot High-Quality Videos for YouTube
Story 25 – How to Upload Online Videos to YouTube With Simple Inexpensive Equipment
Story 26 – How to Shoot Online Videos for YouTube Using Free Software
Story 27 – How to Add Titles, Captions, and Transitions to Your Online Videos
Story 28 – How to Edit Your Online Videos Using Free Software
Story 29 – How to Add Music to Your Online Videos
Story 30 – How to Write a Great Script for Your Online Videos
Story 31 – YouTube Videos: How to Add Background Music Legally and for Free
Story 32 – How to Boost Your Blog Traffic With a Twitter Contest
Story 33 – How to Build Successful Niche Websites
Story 34 – How to Protect Your Work With Creative Commons Licenses
Story 35 – Why You Need a Blog, a Video Business Blog
Story 36 – How to Gain Tax Exemption on Your Online E-Book Income
Story 37 – Break Writer’s Block and Boost Your Productivity With This Simple Technique
Story 38 – How to Maximize Your Creative Output Using F.L.O.W.
Story 39 – Use Haiku to Break Writer’s Block
Story 40 – A Resourceful Way to Make Money from Your Blog
Story 41 -The Ridiculously Simple but Surprisingly Effective Way to Become a Prolific Writer
Story 42 – The Only Way to Become a Writer
Story 43 – The Dummy-Proof Way to Publish Your First E-Book
Story 44 – The Five Biggest Meditation Myths
Story 45 – How to annihilate writer’s block forever
Story 46 – How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Your Audience
Story 47 – How to Attract Great Clients With LinkedIn
Story 48 – Nine surefire tips to skyrocket your confidence as a freelance writer
Story 49 – What Is Your Excuse (For Not Writing)?
Story 50 – Why I Joined Danny Iny’s Audience Business Masterclass (And Why You Should, Too)
Story 51 – The Millionaire Map by Jim Stovall – Review
Story 52 – A Simple 10-Minute Technique to Boost Your Productivity (Minimum Value – $25,000)
Story 53 – Six Tips to Rev Up Your Writing Speed
Story 54 – Dear Twitter, Will You Be My Blog’s Valentine?
Story 55 – How to Zerofy Your Email Inbox in Five Steps
Story 56 – Five Terrific Free Tools for Online Writers
Story 57 – The Impact of Mindfulness
Story 58 – Five Benefits of Daily Mindfulness Meditation
Story 59 – How to Publish and Market Your First Kindle Book – Review
Story 60 – The Foolproof Way to Write Faster, Better, and Consistently
Story 61 – Three Tremendous Tips to Boost Your Writing Speed and Productivity
Story 62 – Why Every Online Writer Should be a Digital Publisher
Story 63 – How to Define Your Life Purpose in Five Minutes Or Less
Story 64 – Learn Eight Great Ways to Leverage the Power of Google Plus
Story 65 – How to read Kindle books without buying a Kindle
Story 66 – How to Find Time to Write—Six Steps to Success
Story 67 – How to Get Rid of Procrastination Permanently
Story 68 – How to Tame the Monkey in Your Mind
Story 69 – The Best Way to Cherish and Celebrate Your Blessings
Story 70 – The Surprising Scientific Reason for Your Unhappiness
Story 71 – How to Market Your E-books on Book Promotion Sites
Story 72 – Four Steps to Self-Publishing Superstardom
Story 73 – Are You A Writer Who Doesn’t Write?
Story 74 – Are You a Writer Who Doesn’t Pitch?
Story 75 – Are You a Writer Who Doesn’t Plan?
Story 76 – Are You a Writer Without an Online Portfolio?
Story 77 – Are You a Writer Without a Contract?
Story 78 – Are You a Writer Without a Business Roadmap?
Story 79 – Create Your First Online Course Within 30 Days
Story 80 – The Surprising Problem With Meditation
Story 81 – Four Ways to Practice Walking Meditation
Story 82 – Four More Ways to Practice Walking Meditation
Story 83 – Are You a Writer Who Doesn’t Exercise?
Story 84 – The Best Online Tool for Writers
Story 85 – Two Awesome Online Tools to Improve Your Writing (For Free)
Story 86 – Are You a Writer Without A Morning Ritual?
Story 87 – Seven Benefits of a Vipassana Meditation Course
Story 88 – The Five Enemies of Meditation (and How to Overcome Them)
Story 89 – The Biggest Obstacle to Meditation (And How to Overcome It)
Story 90 – Are You a Writer Without a Chatbot?
Story 91 – The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your First Facebook Page
Story 92 – Five Easy Steps to Your First 100 Facebook Page Fans
Story 93 – Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Top Three Free Resources
Story 94 – Are You a Writer Without a Lead Magnet?
Story 95 – Are You a Writer Without an Email Sequence?
Story 96 – The Magic Five-Word Formula to Boost Your Writing in 2018
Story 97 – 25 Reasons Why I Prefer E-books to Print Books
Story 98 – The Foolproof Guide to Publish Your First E-book on Amazon
Story 99 – Read This Before Publishing Your First E-Book!
Story 100 – 100+ Awesome Free Resources for Online Writers
Story 101 – A Foolproof Way to Get Reviews For Your Kindle Book
Story 102 – Are You a Writer Without An Effective Email Signature?
Story 103 – 60 Surprisingly Easy and Effective Ways to Market Your Book
Story 104 – Are You a Writer Without An Editorial Calendar?
Story 105 – Nine Fabulous Contests for Writers With No Entry Fee
Story 106 – How to Create Your First Viral Challenge For Your Audience
Story 107 – Why Every Writer Should Build an Email List and How

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