Day: 14 August 2020

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 14 August 2020

How To Tell A Great Story Great StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 16, Issue 8 – 15 August 2020

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Dear [FIRSTNAME],I need some help, please.

First, I am publishing this newsletter a day earlier than usual. If you recall, I’d sent out an earlier message about the nomination of The Age of Smiling Secrets for the Reader’s Choice Award. The closing date to nominate the novel is tomorrow (15 August 2020). If you haven’t already done so, this message serves as a gentle reminder. Here is the link, once again, to access the webform and following the instructions (for English, scroll down the page) :
Nominate The Age of Smiling Secrest for the ‘READER’S CHOICE AWARD’

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