Month: March 2020

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 19 March 2020

How To Tell A Great StoryGreat StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 16, Issue 3 – 19 March 2020
Dear [FIRSTNAME],Generally, writers choose references that are similar in nature to what they are writing about. For instance, when I wrote In the Name of the Father? Maybe Not, the references had some connection with the law because I was writing about the continuing confusion between the two legal systems in Malaysia. This was in light of the recent case where a boy, born less than six months after his parents’ marriage, was deemed illegitimate under Syariah Law.

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Karma, Psychiatrists and the Storyteller – Interview with VJ Singam (18 March 2020)

“In my books, I try to bring my settings to life by giving minute descriptions of the buildings, the way of life of these ancient peoples, their food, their farming practices as described by the archaeologists and scholars who studied them. This is how it works sometimes in science fiction and most of the time in historical fiction. Writers create (or recreate) the universe in which their story is to unfold,” VJ Singam, author of ‘Disorientation’.