Month: January 2020

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 22 January 2020

How To Tell A Great StoryGreat StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 16, Issue 1 – 22 January 2020

Please forgive the fact that this newsletter is coming to you late.

You see, towards the end of October last year, I said to myself, “Ah! December is coming and I’ll have about six weeks free. I can have some time to rest and catch up.” I think that the good Lord must have heard this and thought, “Hmmm… Aneeta thinks she can rest. Let’s see if I can make this interesting.”

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The Wedding Estate

Aneeta Sundararaj is fascinated by the removal of celebrities’ wedding photos because of venue. Is this likely to happen in Malaysia?


Magical Story Energy – Interview with Mbeke Waseme (16 January 2020)

Mbeke and I first met a year and a half ago during a celebration hosted by 7C Life RealiZation Centre. A few months later, during the full moon, we travelled together to a resort in Sepang to take part in a session called ‘Gratitude of Life’ where we immersed ourselves in seawater. The purpose of this session was to express our gratitude to Mother Ganga and set our intentions for a successful and happy life. It is said that during the full moon’s heightened gravitational pull, the power of our intentions increases which allows them to be manifested quickly. During the journey back from Sepang, we discovered that we lived in the same area and from then on our friendship developed. She asked me to submit a story to an anthology she’s working on (please see below for details) and I was deeply honoured. She shares her story with us in this interview.

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