Month: October 2018

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 31 October 2018

How To Tell A Great StoryGreat StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 14, Issue 10 – 31 October 2018

It took time, but I figured out how to upload a video to youtube! So, here’s the link to the first video for the launch of both books. I hope you can view it and that you enjoy the show. In it, I explain why I chose the title ‘The Age of Smiling Secrets’.

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Parent or Parents?

In Malaysia, both parents must consent to the conversion of their child to Islam. For now.

Many years ago, in a provincial court, I began to panic. The judge had refused my request for an adjournment. I wanted to wait for my boss to arrive so that he could start cross-examining the witness who was an engineer. No doubt, everyone in that courtroom with mould-stained walls and creaky furniture was aware that I knew next to nothing about construction law. My opponent smiled, certain of success.

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