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Volume 13, Issue 12 – 30 August 2017
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I am sorry. I haven’t had time to publish my story about this big word ‘cirumabulation’. I’ll try to do so by the time I send out the next newsletter. Promise.

Meanwhile, I have added two features to every post on the site:
1. You can now upload images to each post, as one reader did for ‘Over the Bridge’.
2. You can now share comments made of Facebook with each post.

Also in this edition, Rohi shares information about something called an ’email sequence’ which he believes all writers must have.

I hope you enjoy all we have to share.

Happy storytelling.
Aneeta Sundararaj


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KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE: Shankar – Alcoholism

By the time Shankar Subramaniam came to see me, he’d been drinking heavily for ten years. When I asked him how he was feeling, though, his answer was, “I’m fine.”

“Dr. Siby,” Shankar’s wife said, “he is not fine. The doctor said he has end-stage liver cirrhosis. There is nothing more they could do for him.”

Shankar was told to go home and, effectively, wait for death. His skin was leathery, his eyes bloodshot and puffy. When he did speak, his breath stank of alcohol. At 102 kg, he was severely overweight and could barely move. He looked 70 years old.

What was more puzzling was his attitude. It wasn’t the usual resignation that I saw in terminally ill patients. There was an outward arrogance about him. Yet, there was a latent anger in him.

Out of the blue, he said, “My father died at 50, you know.”

“Err… yes?” I was a little confused about this piece of information.

Shankar shrugged, “Well, I’ve lived a good life.” What could make a man so angry for being alive? In all honesty, I wondered if I could truly help Shankar.

So I asked what I knew would be a simple question: “How is your sleep?”

He responded with a question. “Why is sleep so important?”

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STILLNESS AND FLOW: Are You a Writer Without an Email Sequence? by Dr. Rohi Shetty

An email sequence is a series of email marketing messages that you send to your subscribers in a pre-determined order and frequency. An autoresponder could be a single message like a welcome message or a series of messages like a five-part email course on a specific topic.

Your sequence of email messages is sent out automatically one by one depending on when people sign up. Every subscriber receives the same email messages in the same sequence. On the other hand, blog updates or broadcast emails, like this newsletter, are sent at a specific time to the whole list.

Email sequences are also called autoresponder series or follow-up emails. You can use email providers like MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Drip, and ConvertKit to send email sequences. Some examples of email autoresponders are:

Henneke Duistermaat’s Snackable Writing Course
My Copyblogger membership
Why every writer should have an email sequence

Once you create an autoresponder series, you can set it up to send out at pre-set intervals to anyone who asks for them, worldwide. They can be used to reach out to your audience with valuable content and relevant offers. They work for you 24×7, even when you are asleep or playing with your cat.

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