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Volume 13, Issue 11 – 2 August 2017
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We have big news. The publisher has ordered a 2nd print run of ‘Knowledge of Life: Tales of an Ayurvedic Practitioner in Malaysia’. We are mighty pleased by this news.

As promised, I’ve shared the first photo-and-story from my recent adventure in Cambodia. It’s about a very confused Aneeta when she visited Angkor Wat. In my next edition of the newsletter, it’ll be a spooky tale and involve a big word – circumambulation.

Rohi shares a story about something called ‘lead magnet’ and speaks about an offer that ends on 17 August.

I hope you enjoy all we have to share.

Happy storytelling.
Aneeta Sundararaj


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STORY ASIA: Templed In (2)

When I first contacted my guide from, I told him that I’d watched videos posted online about the sunrise at Angkor Wat. In some, there were close to 2,000 people competing to get one beautiful photograph. I was horrified and desperate to avoid this. My guide agreed to my request and chose an entrance that was devoid of visitors for our sunrise visit to Angkor Wat.

Later in the morning, as we left this UNESCO World Heritage site, I was puzzled and this feeling remained throughout my trip. Only much later I understood that it all had to do with the ‘where’ and ‘what’ of this place together with a dose of semantics.

My point of embarkation was that Angkor Wat is described as a ‘temple complex’. I referred to an article I wrote based on an interview with Mr. Rajaji (‘Worship and a way of life’

What Mr. Rajaji said was that in Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the cosmic man, Purush, when he was creating the Universe. In the process, things got a little out of hand and Purush became too large to manage. At the behest of the other Gods, Lord Brahma contained Purush by pinning him down with his head towards north-east and legs to the south-west. Unable to bring Himself to destroy Purush, Lord Brahma decided to make him immortal. Henceforth, he was known as Vashtu-Purush and all mortals needed to first worship him before any construction work began.

Ancient architects called the metaphysical chart used to create a building a Vashtu-Purush-Mandala similar to the one above. They chose the square as the fundamental form to symbolise unity, inertia and permanence. All other shapes such as the triangle, hexagon, octagon and circle were derived from this square. At its most basic, the chart is divided into 81 parts (9×9). The number 9 is very important and is derived from the human body. We have nine ‘holes’ – two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one mouth, two orifices for waste.

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