By Dr. Rohi Shetty

“Chatbot technology is the biggest trend since the invention of the Internet.”
~Peter Lisoskie, Founder, Chatbot Nation

Like many of us, Mary Kathryn Johnson had never heard about Messenger chatbots until she attended a webinar by Andrew Warner. What she learned that day absolutely blew her away.

During his webinar, Andrew brought up Chatfuel at the same time as he had his phone on the screen and showed them in real time how they could create messages in Facebook Messenger. These messages were automated, personalized and interactive—like email on steroids.

Mary was the first to pay a refundable deposit of $400 to book a discovery call with him to join his Bot Academy course. The course was expensive—$2000 to be paid in advance!

Here’s the twist in the tale: In the two days before her call with Andrew, Mary created a demo chatbot and put it up on her Facebook page. She then tapped her network and presold two bots for $1000 each! So she joined Andrew’s course because it was completely paid for.

(Andrew actually asked for $2500 and Mary told him, “You know what, I haven’t paid 2500 bucks for any course in my life!” He said, “Okay, how about 2000?” And she said, “Okay. I can do that.”) In a recent interview, Mary said, “I realized I was onto something and decided that chatbots would be my business from now on.”

Unlike email, Facebook Messenger chatbots can provide a personalized and interactive user-driven experience. You can use chatbots to get leads, connect and build relationships with new clients, and increase sales and profits. Compared to email marketing, social media or ads, chatbots can instantly increase your conversion rates with open rates above 80% and click-through rates above 35%.

This is great news for freelance writers because building chatbots is just another form of content creation. We can use them not only to boost our own audience, sales, and profits but also offer to build them for other entrepreneurs as a paid service. Building chatbots is a fun, creative, and innovative process because they have to be personalized, interactive, and interesting. It’s challenging because subscribers can opt out with a single click.

If you’re starting from scratch and want to learn how to build, optimize, and promote Messenger chatbots, here are three top resources:

  1. Mary Kathryn Johnson

Facebook group Messenger Funnels:


Once you join her Facebook group and chatbot, you will gain access to some incredibly valuable resources such as Conversion Calculator 2017, Messenger Funnel Gaming Cheatsheet, and her Five-Day Funnel Filling Focus Challenge. She also hosts regular Facebook Live sessions where you can ask her any questions about Messenger Chatbot funnels.

YouTube channel:

  1. Peter Lisoskie

Facebook Group Chatbot Nation:


Once you join his Facebook group and chatbot, you will gain access to

The Beginner’s Guide to Chatbot Marketing:

The Chatbot Webinar Workshop where you’ll learn how to create chatbot strategies that work for any business, how to use chatbots to get ultra-qualified leads and sales on autopilot, how to become part of a community to get new chatbot strategy ideas:

The 5-Day Chatbot Challenge where you’ll learn how to build a Working Chatbot Lead Funnel in five days and get an idea how to use chatbots to get leads, sales, and support customers:

YouTube channel:

  1. Nick Julia

Facebook Group: Content Marketing That Works mindheros/


The Complete Guide To Chatbots For Messenger Marketing Funnels (with instructions for marketers to make their own bot):

And last but not least:

The Ultimate Facebook Messenger Bot Giveaway (worth $11,500).
First prize is a fully built Messenger marketing funnel to drive leads for your business.
Second prize is a free ManyChat account for a year!
Join here:

A word of caution

The above are all the material you need to set you a successful chatbot business. It’s tempting to learn about Messenger chatbots because it’s absolutely fascinating. However, once you gain a basic understanding about bots, you should start building your first chatbot. As Mary says, “A baby learns to walk not by reading about walking but by just doing it.”

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(19 July 2017)

Rohi Shetty is a doctor, health writer, and editor for hire. Check out his Kindle books at Amazon and connect with him on LinkedIn and his new Facebook Page. His latest passion is building chatbots.

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