By Dr. Rohi Shetty

Setting up your first Facebook Business Page to promote your blog or freelance writing is fast, easy, simple, and free.

The next step is to use your Facebook Page to deliver awesome content to your target audience. Your first target should be to get 100 fans to like your Facebook Page.

Here is a step by step tutorial to gain your first 100 Facebook fans:

  1. Publish at least 5–10 posts before you invite anyone

These posts may be links to your articles and blog posts. However, you should also share links to interesting and engaging content by influencers in your niche.

Pro tip: Add attractive images, funny quotations, and short videos that are more likely to be shared. Also, use Emojipedia to help find the right emoji for your posts.

  1. Update your Page regularly

Ideally, you should add at least one new post daily. This will take hardly a minute or two. Set up a reminder in your calendar to do this every day. Each time you update your Page, Facebook sends a notification to your fans

Pro tip: Once you have set up your Facebook Page, be sure to like your Page first. Most of us forget to do this.

  1. Invite your Facebook friends

Facebook makes it easy for you to invite your Facebook friends. Click on the Invite Your Friends to like this Page under the Community section in the right sidebar and select friends who are likely to be interested in your Page.

Pro tip: When you suggest a Page to your friends, Facebook will send this message to them: “[Your Name] suggests you become a Fan of [Your Page]”. So, they may not know that this is your own Page and may ignore it. Therefore, you should inform them in advance that you have created a Facebook Page and its name.

  1. Cross-promote your Facebook Page

Add your Facebook Page link to your email signatures, email footers, business cards, and at the end of all your articles and blog posts. You can also promote it in your other social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Pro tip: The easiest way to promote your Facebook page is to add it in your email signature. Do it right now because it’s surprisingly effective. In your Gmail account, click on Settings > Signature and add the name of your Facebook Page and hyperlink it. Then click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

  1. Improve the visibility of your Page

Optimize the logo, profile picture, cover image, and short description of your Page because they are displayed everywhere. Update them regularly. Make them attractive and engaging.

Pro tip: Constantly update your Page categories, sub-categories, description, website URLs, contact details, and other relevant information that encourage users to like your Page.

Set up your Facebook Page and use it as an extension of your website—it can give an amazingly high return on your time-investment. And it’s a great way to connect with your readers and turn them into subscribers, fans, and clients.

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(27 June 2017)

Rohi Shetty is a doctor, health writer, and editor for hire. Check out his Kindle books at Amazon and connect with him on LinkedIn and his new Facebook Page. His latest passion is building chatbots.

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