Month: September 2016

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 28 September 2016

Great StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 12, Issue 11 – 28 September 2016
How To Tell A Great Story |
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Website Makeover|
My Cholesterol Journey in Malaysia|
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Rohi Shetty|
200 Humorous Tweetable Quotations |
Bill Keeth | Every Street in Manchester|
Write It Self-Publish It

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Engage Me – Relationship poem from GSN


I’m a Living Brand
I live because I feel
I tell stories
My name is what you call me
My meaning is what you think of me
I have personality, quality, and values
I can think, talk, work, create, plan, consult, promote, defend, help, care and cure
I can understand, undertake, represent, play, and entertain
I can anticipate and identify problems, I can solve them
I can make mistakes
When I make mistakes, I apologize and correct myself
I get angry when things go wrong,
I feel joy when right
I feel pains too
I feel bad when I see people hurting, especially my readers and patrons
Some are jobless, poor, neglected, uncared for, and wasting
They need living stories from GSN to get their lives back
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I see
I have life and offer life to those who read me
Don’t judge me by my look, judge me by what I offer
Because I live, I want to add value to you
I can if we a start a relationship
My identity and power show my person
My quality creates the value
My ability to totell stories creates awareness
My standards build loyalty
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I speak
I communicate for better life
My mission and vision keep me going
They guarantee better life for all who engage me
I know your needs, you know my solutions
We become stronger as we understand each other
I want to bond to help you achieve your goals
To make your endeavours stress-free and rewarding
We can do it if we understand and trust each other
We can achieve results if we come close
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I’m strong
My quality and story packages make me a strong brand
I can grow with you in market share and readership
We can do it if you make me your Special Assistant
Let’s come together and discuss your pains and dreams
I offer solutions
I work for you, I work with you
To tap your potential, reach your goal, and be fulfilled
I’ll strengthen you to live your passion
You score the goal, I blow the whistle, fans celebrate you
I satisfy you, you reward me, and all of us win
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I laugh
You should laugh not cry
Pains make you cry, my brand makes you laugh
I make merry for the young and old
I want you close, to entertain you
We partner to reach your goal
I abide in you, you abide in me
Create a space in you
Let me come in there and live
I’m not too big to live in you
I get bigger, I get stronger
I help you win, you help me grow
You enjoy my values, I enjoy your loyalty
You’re the reader, I’m your helpmate
You remain achievable, I remain sustainable
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I grow
My brand is here to help you compete
I strengthen your brand, enlarge your space
I have competitors, you have competitors
They want your pocket, I want your heart
Pockets keep money, they can dig a hole in it
Hearts keep trust, we can bind together
Any brand in your pocket is a boss
Any brand in your heart is a friend
If you cry, those in pocket can’t see your tears
Those in heart see your tears, wipe them off
I don’t want to wipe tears of pain; I want tears of joy
You & GSN
I’m here for you
I’m a Living Brand
I live because I innovate
I listen with wisdom and understanding
Wisdom makes a winner in times of challenge
I’m here because you are there
I’m not doing you a favor; you’re doing me a favor
If you are alive and well, I live
Let’s join hands and heart
Make the world a better place
I’m committed with friendship, quality, and ethics
Do same with loyalty and patronage
You lead, I support
I lead, we go to the top
Together, we win
You & GSN
I’m here for you

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The Surprising Problem With Meditation

By Rohi Shetty

“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard that daily meditation practice is good for you. Innumerable research studies have proven beyond any doubt that daily meditation for even a few minutes can boost not only your mental, emotional, and physical health but also your creativity.

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