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Volume 12, Issue 7 – 13 July 2016
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In this edition, I share 2 stories – one about my dancing goat and an insightful octopus. Yes, you should go discover what these stories are all about.

Rohi asks and answers the question ‘Are you a Writer Without an Online Portfolio?’ in his story. And Bill Keeth shares a curious tale about Billy Bash.

If you missed the announcement about Leela’s book ‘Where the Durian Tree Grows’ head over to ‘Tell Everyone About…’ to know what it’s all about.

Happy storytelling.
Aneeta Sundararaj

STORY ASIA: Inisightful Wheels

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could join Martin on this assignment? A food tasting for the Ramadhan Buffett at a swanky restaurant in town.

That was the thought sent to the universe and, thereafter, forgotten. Lo and behold, a few days later, Martin sent an invitation. I jumped at the chance and said yes.

The day is now here. I make my way to KLCC and meet up with Martin. He introduces me to two lovely ladies. Let’s just call them D and P for now for I don’t know if they’d like to be identified. Anyway, once pleasantries are exchanged, we make our way to Chakri Palace for what promises to be an evening of deliciousness

The Marketing Manager greets us at the entrance of the restaurant. I must admit that I dare not look into the eyes of the other seated patrons. I can feel their hunger as they wait for the appropriate time to break their Ramadhan fast…

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A TO Z CHALLENGE – ‘G for Goats Dancing’ by Aneeta Sundararaj

It was about month before the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on 26 December 2004. My father had engaged a group of painters to work on the exterior of our house. Daddy would monitor their work, often from where he sat on our swing in the garden.

One evening, my dachshund, Ladoo, and I joined my father in the garden. To prevent Ladoo from running around and barking at the painters, I tied her leash to one of the poles of our swing.

As it was close to the end of the work day, only one painter remained. To quote a newspaper columnist’s description of her plumber, our painter could be described as follows: His droopy eyes were set in a worn face, which sat upon a wrinkled neck that disappeared into an equally wrinkled shirt. This description would fit this painter perfectly.

With a cigarette balanced between his teeth, the painter climbed down the ladder. By the time he put his foot down on the ground, Ladoo was almost berserk with excitement. She started to dance and go round in circles at the thought of making a new friend.

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STILLNESS AND FLOW: Are You A Writer Without an Online Portfolio? by Rohi Shetty

If you want to be a successful freelance writer you need to do three things consistently:

  1. Write, including the phases of planning, writing the first draft, revision, and completing the work.
  2. Publish, including not only posting on your own blog but also guest-posting and publication in other publications and websites in exchange for payment.
  3. Market, including actively pitching editors, websites and small businesses and creating and updating an online portfolio.

If you are like most freelance writers, you tend to neglect marketing or consider it to be spammy or slimy. However, marketing your work and services is crucial if you want to be successful. You need to constantly implement creative ways to make your prospective clients aware of your skills and services.

Here are 12 essential steps to set up your online freelance portfolio:

  1. Specialize

Your specialization depends on your education, your work experience, your expertise and your interests. Deciding on one or two specific choices like content marketer or health writer helps you to define your niche and attract the clients you really want….

To read more, please click here.

WISP – The Boxing Champ – Billy (Frogman) Bash


WOW! Benny (The Rabbit) Punch shot out of his corner like a bullet, his fists flailing like the sails of a windmill.

The crowd went mad. It was the night of the big fight, with the reigning Paperweight Boxing Champion, Benny (The Rabbit) Punch matched against the young contender, Billy (Frogman) Bash who, according to Tex Crowshoot, the sports columnist with the Daily Mess was “a force to be reckoned with”

Benny! Benny! Benny!’ roared Benny’s supporters.

Billy (Frogman) Bash – called “Frogman” because of his fancy footwork in the ring . . . Billy (Frogman) Bash just stood his ground, looking daggers at his opponent.

Oh, pernch heem in ze kee-ser, Bill-ee!’ squealed Billy’s French girlfriend, Fifi, watching the bout from a ringside seat……

To read more please click here.


Do check out this link to YouTube – Where the Durian Tree Grows by Leela Chakrabarty about my new book, ‘Where the Durian Tree Grows’.

Thank you and regards- really do appreciate this!


Prize: £50 to the winning entry, via PayPal & publication in the Verbolatry newsletter
Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 18, except contest judges and family
Topic: Writing/publishing
Genres: Humorous fiction, humorous nonfiction
Language: English
Types: Cartoon, Essay
Essay – 100 words min., 500 words max., in message body
Cartoon – JPG, PNG or GIF file, resolution 75dpi min., dimensions 900x1400px max., as attachment
Original, previously unpublished work only
One entry per author, regardless of type
Mention the category and title of your entry in the subject line
Include an accurate word count
Tell us where you heard about this contest (You heard it from Rohi Shetty, a columnist at ‘How to Tell a Great Story)
Send entry to: v3rbolatry(at)gmail(dot)com
“Early Bird” submission period*: 1 April 2016 to 31 July 2016 Last date: 31 August 2016
Results announced: October 2016 newsletters


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