By Rohi Shetty

There are two kinds of writers: those who write for themselves and those who write for others.

If you write only for yourself—journaling, three morning pages, notes to yourself—life is simple and flows like a sweet song.

However, if you wish to write for others, you have to submit or publish your work to editors. And usually, before submission, you have to “pitch” your idea to the editor of your chosen publication or website.

Are you stuck because you don’t know what to write or for whom. The answer to both these questions can be solved in only one way: find a suitable publication and pitch an idea to the editor. Unfortunately, you are not sure how to find online paying markets. You are in luck! I have done the research for you.

Here’s a list of websites that will pay you to write for them:

  1. The International Freelancer

Mridu Khullar Relph is the founder of The International Freelancer. She has written for The New York Times, TIME, CNN, ABC, The Christian Science Monitor, Ms., Marie Claire, and many more in a career spanning over 13 years. She pays $100 for guest posts on publication via Paypal.

(Subscribe to her newsletter, The International Freelancer, for a wealth of resources including a free e-book, 21 Query Letters That Sold.)

  1. Writers in Charge

Bamidele Onibalusi is a highly successful freelance writer from Nigeria and has been featured on Huffington Post: Bamidele Onibalusi: The Ultimate Nigerian Business Success Story. Subscribe to this site to download his free e-book 110 Websites that Pay Writers

Here are links to Bamidele’s Posts about Paying Markets for Writers:

(Thanks to Lorraine Reguly for compiling this list.)

  1. Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice is an award-winning freelance writer, writing coach and founder of Freelance Writers Den. She has recently compiled a list of 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50 or more.

  1. Be a Freelance Blogger (BAFB)

Sophie Lizard is an expert freelance blogger and founder of the free online BAFB community. Subscribe to her site to get her list of 75 blogs that pay $50 to $2000 per post.

Sophie also conducts a Pitchfest every three months—a blog post pitching contest. You write your blog post idea (in the comments section) and her team chooses our favorites, with prizes of up to $100 for the winners. Not only do you stand a chance of winning $100, but you also get the opportunity of reading all the other pitches along with public feedback from Sophie, Laurie Tharp and fellow bloggers. Here’s the March 2016 Pitchfest.

  1. Let’s Write a Short Story

Joe Bunting writes short stories and is the author of Let’s Write a Short Story. If you are interested in submitting short stories for literary magazines, check out his post: 46 Literary Magazines to Submit to. In addition to the above sites, Joe recommends, an aggregator of literary magazines, particularly their 100 most favorited markets list (select “Most Favorited Markets” from the dropdown menu).

  1. Bonus Tip

If you want to research paying markets tailored to your interests and expertise, read this helpful post by Pius Boachie: How to Use Google to Find Endless Freelance Writing Opportunities


The biggest danger is that you will happily bookmark this monster list of paying markets and then let it gather dust on your hard drive. Or you may even click through and list a few sites that are of interest to you.

Unless you take action and send a pitch to one or more of these sites, you have wasted the time you spent reading this post!

Action Step: Pick the site that appeals to you the most, research the kind of article that the editor is likely to accept and send your first pitch right away.

Parting Quiplash:

“My philosophy, and it’s easier said than done, is that I’m only in competition with myself. Every day that I’m better than I was yesterday is a day that is a success.” ~Mridu Khullar Relph

Additional Resources:

Now that you have learned where to pitch, learn how to pitch with either of these courses:

30 Days, 30 Queries ($249)

by Mridu Khullar Relph

(How to break into top publications with a marketing strategy that works)

Self-paced online course—starts now with lifetime access.

Freelance Writer’s Pitch Clinic 2016 ($497)

by Carol Tice and Linda Formicelli

(Learn to pitch to editors at consumer and trade magazines… and get the gig.) Course starts on 6 June 2016.

Join the conversation:

Which among these sites will you pitch first?

If not, why not?

Let us know in the comments below.

(1 June 2016)

Rohi Shetty has published nine Kindle books and blogs about writing and digital publication at You can download all his books for free here.

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