“The cure for pain is in the pain.” ― Rumi

Big Pains, Small Pains. They hurt. And they can hold you captive if you don’t break free. Stop them before they stop you. That depends on what you know and can do. Freedom from pain musters the power to set captives free. When you rescue one she shouts, ‘I’m free!’

Freedom is not free. You pay a price to get it. The drive for it moves people forward. Good leaders express it to make people prosper. Bad leaders suppress it to make people suffer. To move forward people demand it with pain. To be free of pain requires action. Leadership makes it possible. And better life is always the result.

Pain creates the demand for freedom. It hurt’s since the beginning of time and is not in a hurry to leave. At different times in your life it can even make you cry. You can measure blood pressure but you cannot measure pain.

Three great brands stand out in this story. They are set to fight for freedom of people in pains of captivity. The first is Imagination. That’s the great power in all of us for creativity and to visualize solutions. The second is Inspiration. This is the merchant of ideas for application to prosper. The third is Talent. This is the God-given ‘rod’ in your hand to accomplish your dreams. The three invisible forces abound greatly in young people who have the energy to burn. Many have come to terms with growing up in a world of pain. The Pharaoh of Egypt has multiplied into Pharaohs of Pain today.

Pain runs through this story. It is part of life. Most times pain comes before joy. Every mother passes through labor pain to bring a baby into this world. You came into this world through pain. Do you wonder why you have to go through pain and heartache sometimes? That’s the reality of life. Anywhere freedom is absent captivity reigns and pain takes over. The Bio-Forces, Imagination, Inspiration and Talent intervene here to move people forward. When people are set free they perform. Some become great leaders.

The conflict in this story is Imagination & Youths against Corruption & Co. He is the biggest Pharaoh of our time and the bondage master with global reach in oppression. He leads a large troop of Pharaohs who hold people captive and refuse to let go. This conflict is building into youth spring in Nigeria.

The aim of this story goes beyond freedom from pain. It is to make you think and feel. It is to make you use your bio-forces to go to Promised Land. Everybody has one and the track to go there. Yours is not mine. And going there will transform you into a happy and fulfilled person. Your Promised Land is closer than you think. It smiles and waves at you to come and drink the milk and honey that flows there.

Executives call it going to the top. You’ll discover yourself as you go. This book helps you to help others achieve their dreams. He shows the way for youths to break free from captivity. He provides a platform to engage them for big bucks.

When you reach Promised Land you’ll be transformed in content and container. Going there is a challenge but the rewards are many. And it starts with being free to do what you love to do. The Bio-Forces amplify the message in this story to entertain and move you to action. They challenge you to rescue captives and lead them to Promised Land.

The Promised Land story may be the most inspiring you tell for impact. It’ll come from your heart and inspire others to move. You’ll read mine here, the crash and bounce-back. I learnt hard lessons. Tell your story of pains. They may be big or small. They hurt but the lessons you learnt can inspire others to action. Be inspired as you go to the top. You’ll get attention and patronage.

The big task now is to set captives free and move them forward. I weave in my memoir to challenge you to believe in you. The story comes in four parts -The Siege, The Trek, The Tribe, and The Race- spread across thirty chapters. The Siege shows you pains of young people as freedom goes. The Trek takes you through the career pains of the storyteller. The Tribe demonstrates the energy of youths reaching for the top. The Race signals the rescue and surge to Promised Land as freedom returns. The menu is served in bits you can take as we ride on the turf of young adult literature.

Genesis of the story comes as appetizer to make you eat the whole meal. You will get the message, poetry, creativity, memoir, and words of wisdom. By the time you are through with the epilogue, you will be able to determine the theme and imagine the potentials of the youth market.

The plot takes you on a journey to the finish line to make you think and do something. The message is universal. No matter your location, find your place in the story and change your life and others for good.

The story makes you take a hard look at your pains and do something to stop them. Read about the struggles of the storyteller and the pains of young people to see where we all connect. You have to discover who you are so you can break free from Pharaohs and go to the top.

To set people free we should answer five questions here. What we achieve depends on what we do thereafter. The first four are for you as you read. The fifth is for me as I write. Your answers show what the book means to you when you finish. They make moving forward rewarding as you lead others to change lives. And you’ll win as you go.

One: Who are you? Your answer moves you to Promised Land. If you’re already on track, ride on with vision and focus.

Two: What’s your brand? This is not Marketing 101 class. But you can make it one if you so desire. The book inspires you to brand yourself and achieve your dreams. Brands in action here will challenge you to do it.

Three: What’s your tribe? Your tribe is more than your ethnic origin. It’s your work style and lifestyle. It’s your brand, talent, and passion in action as you bond with like minds. The 12 Tribes of HeyGo inspires you to locate yours and network there.

Four: Are you free? The fight for freedom rages at different levels all over the world. It has become fierce because of pains. If you’re not free you live in pains. As the fight escalates, some activists become freedom fighters to rescue others. When freedom begins it has no end.

Five: Who’s this book? He is Book Dad, the brand shepherd. He is a Father who cares a mentor and advisor. He entertains youths and counsels adults. He speaks clearly and listens patiently. He makes people face challenges with inner strength. He guarantees freedom and confident living. He offers a unique advert medium and opportunities to network. He operates a Story Bank to empower you build your brand and business. He wants to bond with you to achieve your goals. He guides you to Promised Land. This is his brand promise.

The setting of this story is Nigeria, the background African, and thrust is movement. The context is branding and flavor is biblical. What you’ll taste here are Genesis & Revelation, The Burning Bush, Psalm 23, Mount Sinai, Exodus, The 10 Commandments, and the 12 Tribes of Israel. They’re customized to inspire youths to action. The book situates the Bible story of Exodus in modern times with plenty of lessons to learn and win in life.

This book is not endorsed by any government or brand. But persons and brands mentioned here merit it. I simply applied what I learnt in Business School to identify the oppressors. I brand the oppressed and market their pains for solutions. Read for infotainment and inspiration to get the message. Listen to voices here and move forward.

It’s not all about the book but about the hook. It’s not only about style but about emotion. It’s not just about storyteller’s pains but about pains of captives. If you can set captives free you become their hero.

The story begins with pains and ends with pain killers. And hope for better days. What you feel is what you get. Join this modern Exodus to Promised Land and change the lives of young people.

I welcome you on board.

(6 April 2016)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media consulting and journalism which he started at The Guardian, Lagos.

Eric’s communications niche is storytelling which he is now using to empower professionals and improve business returns in Nigeria. Email him at,, Tel +234 803 301 4609; +234 817 301 4609.

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