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Volume 12, Issue 2 – 20 April 2016
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Thank you to all of you who sent me ‘welcome back’ messages. It’s good to be back.

In today’s edition, the first story is mine called ‘B for Bhagwan Please’. Rohi shares his first piece about marketing eBooks and Bill’s is a bedtime story.

Happy storytelling.
Aneeta Sundararaj

1000 REVIEWS: Review of Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie

Sometimes, when a writer introduces himself, he’ll receive a response along the lines of, “Can you help me write my memoirs? You should hear my story. It’s a fantastic story.” Many writers will attest to smiling politely at such a response and moving on. After all, there are more than enough works of self-aggrandizement touted as memoirs. Equally appalling are those that chronicle every detail of horror the author has experienced that makes readers question the veracity of the story. Every so often, though, a gem of a book like ‘Joseph Anton’ by Salman Rushdie comes along.

‘Joseph Anton’ is written in third person narrative and that alone makes this memoir somewhat original. As Rushdie says, ‘Now by naming himself he had turned himself into a sort of fictional character as well.’ In fact, ‘Joseph’ and ‘Anton’ are half the name each of Rushdie’s favorite authors, Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekov.

As such, ‘Joseph Anton’ is the memoir of Ahmed Salman Rushdie. It begins on the day the infamous fatwa was declared in 1989 and charts the events in his life from that moment on. It ends on the day in March 2002 when the threat level has been reduced and police protection is no longer offered to him.

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A TO Z CHALLENGE – ‘B for Bhagwan please’ by Aneeta Sundararaj

The man I call ‘The Wizard’ and I were wilting under the mid-morning sun outside Param’s house in Ampang. We had been summoned by the man two days before Param’s autobiography went to print. If our previous meetings were a reflection of what was about to happen, this was probably going to be a complete waste of time. Still, The Wizard – whose actual name is Mr. Govinda – wanted to please Param and agreed to add a few photos Param’s collection to complete the layout and design of his autobiography.

We had telephoned prior to starting our journey to Ampang from the other side of the Kuala Lumpur. Yet, at 9.45 am, we had been waiting outside Param’s house for 15 minutes.

“I’m coming.”

It was Param’s voice. But where was he? We looked up and saw him standing behind the window of what appeared to be the master bedroom.

The Wizard waved and said, “OK,” relieved we would soon be out of his heat.

Another 10 minutes would pass before we heard the shuffling of feet. Param led his dogs to the back of the house before he walked towards his front gate.

While the Wizard shifted from one foot to another, I observed that Param was muttering. Although Param was barely audible, I understood what he was saying: “I am going to tell your father that I should have adopted you. You should be helping me. Not your father. I am the one who needs more help.”

The gate opened…..

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How to Market Your E-books on Book Promotion Sites by Rohi Shetty

If you have published one or more books on Amazon or on your own website, congratulations! Unfortunately, getting your book published is only the first step. Though publishing a book is tough, it’s even tougher to publicize it so that it reaches your intended audience.

If you have no idea how to promote your book, download this free book marketing plan creation checklist by Kristen Joy. This comprehensive book marketing checklist provides all the different options to market your books.

Even Kristen seems to have missed one of the lesser known ways to promote your book: book promotion sites.

Some of these sites promote all e-book formats such as Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, Smashwords, and others. Others promote only Kindle books. Some book promotion sites advertize only free books while others promote special offers and new releases.

Unfortunately, most book promotion sites aren’t free. But you should consider subscribing to these sites even if you can’t afford their fees. Not only will you gain access to free and deeply discounted books, you’ll also garner information about new book releases in your niche. Win-win!

Top Book Promotion Sites

  1. Buckbooks

Buckbooks should be your first choice to promote your books because it is free……

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wisp: How Billy the Frog Got His Favourite 

Once upon a time there was a frog called Billy. Poor Billy – he was a sad little frog. Because Billy really hated what he had to do for a living. Billy worked at the zoo, feeding the animals – a job most frogs would have liked. But not Billy. Oh, no. Billy would come home from work every night, plonk himself down at the kitchen table, and sit there looking sad.

‘You look really sad, our Billy,’ his Mum would say as she’d push a plate of Yummy Dead Flies and Bluebottles in front of him. ‘Are you still having to feed those civets?

Civets, civets, civets, civets, civets!’ Billy would moan.

So Billy left the zoo and got a job as a groundsman at the golf club. Billy liked playing golf. But he didn’t like being a groundsman. Because it was Billy’s job to go around replacing all the bits of earth and grass the golfers would disturb when they missed the ball instead of hitting it.

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