by Rohi Shetty
If you have published one or more books on Amazon or on your own website, congratulations! Unfortunately, getting your book published is only the first step. Though publishing a book is tough, it’s even tougher to publicize it so that it reaches your intended audience.
If you have no idea how to promote your book, download this free book marketing plan creation checklist by Kristen Joy. This comprehensive book marketing checklist provides all the different options to market your books.
Even Kristen seems to have missed one of the lesser known ways to promote your book: book promotion sites.
Some of these sites promote all e-book formats such as Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, Smashwords, and others. Others promote only Kindle books. Some book promotion sites advertize only free books while others promote special offers and new releases.
Unfortunately, most book promotion sites aren’t free. But you should consider subscribing to these sites even if you can’t afford their fees. Not only will you gain access to free and deeply discounted books, you’ll also garner information about new book releases in your niche. Win-win!
Top Book Promotion Sites

  1. Buckbooks

Buckbooks should be your first choice to promote your books because it is free.
The site’s tagline says it all: “Never pay more than a buck for a book ever again.” Buckbooks showcases about four to six Kindle books every day priced at $0.99 to its huge list of email subscribers.
As a first step, subscribe to Buckbooks here. After you confirm your subscription, you’ll get a daily email containing links to about six discounted Kindle books with occasional free books and special offers. Click through and study the books that are featured, especially the book cover designs and book descriptions. This will be helpful when you apply to promote your own book.

  1. BookBub

BookBub is the biggest book promotion site and also the most expensive. It has millions of email subscribers and Facebook fans. BookBub’s pricing depends on the number of subscribers in different categories as well as the price of your book.
Despite the high price tag for a promotion, a BookBub promotion is considered to be an excellent investment for authors. Unfortunately, BookBub accepts only about ten percent of total submissions. Check out BookBub’s submission guidelines and submission tips. You can join their Facebook page here.

  1. Books Butterfly

This site promotes new books through their email list and a huge network of blogs. Their prices depend on the cost of your book and the level of exposure. You can check out their book promotion pricing here.

  1. Just Kindle Books

This site will promote your book for $15 to $35. It has recently merged with eReader Nation, so your books will be promoted on eReader Nation for no additional charge. You can subscribe to the Just Kindle Books email list here and join their Facebook page here.

  1. Free Book Service

This site promotes Kindle books only. It guarantees a minimum number of downloads within 24-48 hours or you’ll get your money back. Free Book Service has three promotion packages available: a Gold ($189) package, a Platinum ($299) package and an Executive ($399) package. The latest addition is a promotion package ($1,499) for $0.99 books.

  1. Freebooksy

This site promotes only free books. Their pricing ranges from $40 to $100. You can join their Facebook page here.

  1. Bargainbooksy

This site promotes books priced below $5. Their pricing ranges from $25 to $70.

  1. Ereader News Today promote books published on Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and Sony Reader. You can like their Facebook Page here.

Other e-book promotion sites include:

  1. BookSends
  2. Ereader IQ
  3. Robin Reads (Facebook page)
  4. Book Kitty (She’s on Fiverr, so each book promotion costs $5.)
  5. The eReader Cafe (may promote free Kindle books free of charge.)
  6. Ebook Soda (Facebook page)
  7. Free Kindle Books and Tips (FKBT)
  8. Booktastik

Join the conversation.

Have you used any book promotion site to spread the word about your books? What results do you get? Let us know in the comments below.
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(20 April 2016)

Rohi Shetty has published nine Kindle books and plans to promote them soon on Buckbooks. To get free review copies of all his books, please sign up here.

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