Ebola virus disease is deadly, ravaging West Africa. No cure yet, hundreds killed

Bring back the dead, people say. Virus is spreading, claiming more lives

On the African continent, the people cry out for solution

Lagos to Monrovia; Freetown to Conakry; the fear of Ebola is rising

Around the world, leaders and governments respond to Ebola challenge

(13 August 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media consulting and journalism which he started at The Guardian, Lagos.

Eric’s communications niche is storytelling which he is now using to empower professionals and improve business returns in Nigeria. Email him at, ericokeke@gmail.com, ericosamba@yahoo.com Tel +234 803 301 4609; +234 817 301 4609.

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