B for Brazil. How is the mighty fallen in soccer

Remember, no champion for ever. Champions fall, new ones emerge

A king can be dethroned, even in his palace

Zebra crossings don’t exist in soccer pitch. Players in motion only stopped by referee or hard tackle

In 64 matches, 32 nations scored 171 goals…Average 2.5 goals per match

Look at spectators; 3.5 million went to stadia to watch matches


Wanted by FIFA…8 stadia; Brazil provided 12

Other figures…170 Yellow Cards; 10 Red Cards

Round the world, millions watched. Brazil-Germany match recorded highest number of tweets in history

Low moments of World Cup… The bite by the player, S—-Z. FIFA reacts with ban and fine. Fans of host nation cry out against hard times. First in World Cup history

Do something new. Goal line technology debuts in Brazil 2014. Empowers referees


Cost of Brazil 2014…More than US $ 12 billion…Citizens not happy

Under the heat and carbon emissions, soccer artistry was displayed. Stars emerge

Post World Cup…Players selling…Premier European clubs buying…Sign on discovered talent. World awaits next World Cup…Russia 2018


(27 August 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media consulting and journalism which he started at The Guardian, Lagos.

Eric’s communications niche is storytelling which he is now using to empower professionals and improve business returns in Nigeria. Email him at, ericokeke@gmail.com, ericosamba@yahoo.com Tel +234 803 301 4609; +234 817 301 4609.

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