Day: 12 August 2014

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 13 August 2014

Great StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 11, Issue 14 – 13 August 2014
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How To Tell A Great Story |
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Columnists’ Books|
Aneeta Sundararaj|
Ladoo Dog|
Website Makeover|
My Cholesterol Journey in Malaysia|
Stranger Than Fiction!|
Charles Bonasera|
How in the Hell Did This Happen to Me? |
The Mental Side of Golf|
Eric Okeke|
Corruption, Stop it!|
Rohi Shetty|
200 Humorous Tweetable Quotations |

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Stop Ebola Virus!

Ebola virus disease is deadly, ravaging West Africa. No cure yet, hundreds killed

Bring back the dead, people say. Virus is spreading, claiming more lives

On the African continent, the people cry out for solution

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