Day: 1 July 2014

#BringBackOurGirls – The Pains

Children are crying; women of different climes, tribes and religion are wailing; parents of the girls are in agony; government is pained; professionals are downcast; religious leaders are speechless but upbeat with strong faith in God that the girls will return. They clergymen are calling on the people to take the matter to almighty God in prayers.

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Why Every Online Writer Should be a Digital Publisher

“A book in the hand of a reader is more likely to lead to another book sold.”

~Seth Godin

If you are an online writer, this is the best time to become a digital publisher. A digital publisher is anyone who publishes electronic products that can distributed over the internet. Digital products include blogs, articles, email newsletters, audio clips, videos, software, and, above all, e-books.

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