Month: July 2014

Great Storytelling Network Newsletter – 30 July 2014

Great StoryTelling Network Newsletter
Volume 11, Issue 13 – 30 July 2014
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How To Tell A Great Story |
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Columnists’ Books|
Aneeta Sundararaj|
Ladoo Dog|
Website Makeover|
My Cholesterol Journey in Malaysia|
Stranger Than Fiction!|
Charles Bonasera|
How in the Hell Did This Happen to Me? |
The Mental Side of Golf|
Eric Okeke|
Corruption, Stop it!|
Rohi Shetty|
200 Humorous Tweetable Quotations |

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How to Define Your Life Purpose in Five Minutes Or Less

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

At his 25th college reunion at Yale, Adam Leipzig was astonished to discover that 80% of his friends were unhappy with their lives. Most of his friends were privileged—highly educated, financially well off, and in positions of power. “Not only did they have the first house and the second house but also the first spouse and the second spouse!”

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Clouds Get In Your Eyes

In the papers recently, there was a story about a couple who married in 2003. They lived in Mysore. When she was pregnant in 2006, she went back to the parents’ home in Bangalore, but refused to return to her husband’s home after the baby was born. She even offered to set up a clinic for him in Bangalore. Finally, she lodged a ‘dowry complaint’ against her husband. So, there was money involved.

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