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Every year we are seeing new women’s magazines appear on the market, to join the masses already published. How can we determine which are the best value? It’s easy to spend at least $20 per month, which totals upwards of $240 each year.

Most magazines target a particular demographic, so it’s wise to check out any ones you think might find interesting, before buying or subscribing.

The teen magazine market has grown tremendously from as recently as seven years ago. Before then, Seventeen and YM were pretty much the only choices. Now you can find Teen People and Teen Vogues. Teen People focuses on celebrities and offers fashion advice. Teen Vogue is great for the fashion conscious young woman, looking for the latest fashion trend. Both of these publications also encourage attention from older teen readers.

If you’re a young 20-something, then Cosmopolitan is definitely your cup of tea. It has long been heralded as the must-read for finding out about fashion, relationships and of course, gossip. Another super magazine for this age group is Jane magazine. Its focus is on the more outrageous celebrities as well as fashion advice. Their writers produce fresh and fascinating articles, often about unique new books and music. Mademoiselle is another tried-and-true magazine with excellent articles and fashion suggestions.

Late 20-something’s might find Glamour the perfect magazine for them. Full of articles that are geared towards the professional working woman it has wonderful features as well, highlighting women’s issues around the world.

Fashion advice is trendy and practical as well. In Style is another very popular magazine. Full of fabulous fashions and all the hottest designers, In Style is hip, trendy, and classical all at the same time. Vogue of course is the definitive guide to what’s in this season.

While the fashion is often too pricey and trendy for the average person to buy, anyone who enjoys reading up on runway fashion and what the world’s most intriguing designers are up to will find this women’s magazine a must have.

This is just a brief overview of the magazines out there for women. Some are just for fun, while others can give you good advice on a variety of topics. Generally, they are pretty expensive if you pick them up from a newsstand. If you find a few that you like and want to continue reading, think about buying a subscription. You can save up to 50% a year.

Subscriptions also make great gifts for the “girl who has everything.”

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