BringBackOurGirls is the latest mantra sweeping the social media over the kidnapped Nigerian school girls.
Round the clock, an international coalition of security forces are searching to rescue these girls.
In Nigeria’s border with neighbouring countries, Cameroon, Chad, and Sudan, the search is on.
Nigeria must find these teenage girls so they can go back to school.
God will help in this fight against terrorism and expose their sponsors.

BringBackOurGirls will remain relevant anywhere in the world girls are marginalized or oppressed.
Are you in support of this coalition to rescue the Nigerian teenage girls and protect the girl- child anywhere?Can you imagine the pain and trauma parents of these kidnapped girls are going through?
Knock down the fortified walls of terrorism and their sponsors in your country, and your citizens will be safe.

Our goal worldwide should be to attain a terror-free society.
Under no circumstance or place should terrorism be allowed to thrive.
Resist terrorism with all your might and resources to make this planet a safer place for us all.

Girls are precious resources every nation should protect.
In every country, they abound in great numbers, searching for education and opportunities to develop.
Rulers of nations, who are women, make great impact on governance and their citizens.
Lets all rise up for the more than 200 girls kidnapped by terrorists in Chibok, Bornu State, Nigeria.
Surely, they would be rescued to reunite with their families and continue their education.

(21 May 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media consulting and journalism which he started at The Guardian, Lagos.

Eric’s communications niche is storytelling which he is now using to empower professionals and improve business returns in Nigeria. Email him at,, Tel +234 803 301 4609; +234 817 301 4609.

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