Month: March 2014

The Impact of Mindfulness

From meditation, wisdom arises;
Without meditation, wisdom wanes.
Knowing this twofold path of gain and loss,
Let one conduct oneself so that wisdom increases.
—The Buddha (Dhammapada 282)

Numerous research studies in the past ten years, especially in the field of neuroscience, have confirmed the positive impact of mindfulness. Many of these research findings are based on advances in brain imaging, such as functional MRI (fMRI), which is used to monitor brain activity during meditation.

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‘Just the Writer’: Five Things NEVER To Say to a Writer

Having been in the publishing industry for more than ten years, I’ve come across and worked with many people. Some have said things to me that I could never in a thousand years come up with in fiction. A common one, though, is that I am ‘just the writer’. I’ve learnt to laugh when people say this. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to join the legions of terrible clients that writers have to work with (and sometimes work for), here are five things you should never say or do to a writer.

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Something Old, Something New by James R. Vance


Something Old, Something New
By James R. Vance
Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: RealTime Publishing (February 17, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 184961198X
ISBN-13: 978-1849611985

About James R. Vance : Originally from England, I now live in rural south west France. My first novels, ‘Animal Instinct’, ‘Killer Butterfly’ and ‘The Courier’ were published between 2008 and 2010. They formed a trilogy depicting the careers of two detectives. My knowledge of Cheshire and Greater Manchester is apparent in both ‘Animal Instinct’ and ‘Killer Butterfly’. The final novel of the trilogy, ‘The Courier’, uses my experience of working in France and London as an inspiration for the storyline. My fourth novel ‘Eight’, published in 2011,is a crime fiction novel set mostly in France, a sequel to the trilogy featuring one of the detectives and a former suspect. My knowledge of both countries enabled me to provide a backdrop for the plot. During this same period, I also wrote and published a children’s short story, ‘Goose’.

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