What Audience’s Want From a Storyteller

When asked about the personal characteristics that best describe the “perfect storyteller”, audiences say they want a storyteller who is:

Enthusiastic. Show your audience that you are happy to be there.

Dynamic. Wow your audience with your own sense of style and delivery.

Sincere. Be believable through your words and actions.

Confident. Know your stories. Know your audience. Know the theme (if any). Know your strengths and use them. That’s the formula for confidence.

Passionate. How many boring storytellers convinced you to be excited about their stories?

Articulate. It’s not how many words you say or how fast you say them. It’s all in your word choice and how you say them.

Animated. Audiences love storytellers who aren’t afraid to move a little bit and have a personality to boot! Be yourself and enjoy yourself!

If you can’t find the time to learn how to implement the above tips into you’re your “storytelling style” you might want to think about getting other work!

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com

Mike Miller is a Full Contact Speaker and Storyteller based in Charleston, South Carolina. His fresh, unique and exciting brand of speaking and storytelling has impacted thousands of groups ranging from major industry and health care to youth and education. He can be found at www.greatstoryteller.com

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