Understanding Ebook Rights: The Basics You Need to Know

Information products are big online. Generally, they’re PDF products packaged in what is known as an “ebook format”. Years ago another popular option was .exe but due to viruses and their incompatibility with the Mac they have lost a lot of their popularity.

An easy way to start your own web business with low start up costs is to purchase ebooks with what is known as “resale rights”. But what are resale rights? Are they the same as “Master Resale Rights”? Ebooks often come with different types of rights. Translation:

The rights assigned tell you how the information can be used, and since there are so many different varieties, it’s important that you understand them.

Here’s my understanding of the various rights.

1) Resell Rights: When you purchase an ebook with resell rights that means you can sell it and keep all of the profits. One thing you can’t do is pass these rights onto the person who buys the ebook from you.

Generally they come with a canned “sales letter” in HTML format to use in your promotional efforts. Many times the sales copy is very good and other times you may want to edit it.

A “suggested” sales price is often included and if the license permits you can sometimes use them as bonus items and give them away with other products you may be selling.

If you don’t want to purchase re sellable ebooks one at a time to build your collection there are many “resell rights” membership sites that you can join and pay a one time fee to download all of the ebooks you like.

2) GiveAway Rights: This means exactly what it says. You can download these free ebooks and give them away from your own website or to your ezine subscribers. Just make sure you upload them to your own server first.

People don’t take kindly upon your using their download link and putting a load on their servers. It’s just the right thing to do. If you do a search at any of the free ebook directories online you’ll find plenty of material you can download. An excellent directory is http://free-ebooks.net

3)Branded Giveaway Rights: The same as above but the free ebook you download will come with a special “branding” software that allows you to add your name and url and sometimes an affiliate link.

If it’s an affiliate program you’re involved with you’ll make money as the ebook circulates the net and people click on your branded link and buy the product or service advertised in the ebook.

4) Master Resell Rights: the “grand daddy” of resell rights. When you purchase the ebook/ report you can sell the product and keep all of the profits and also give the rights to resell it to those who purchase the ebook from you.

5) Private Label Rights: This one is big right now. Everywhere you turn you’ll see the opportunity to purchase “private label rights”. This type of rights is very different then the others. Here once you purchase the ebook or articles, you can modify it anyway you like, re-package it, even add your name as the author.

With everyone clamoring for content for the search engine spiders, this is a very popular trend right now. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with the information you purchase.

Make sure when purchasing ebooks or articles with rights, that you’re getting them from a trustworthy source. You want to make sure they have the rights to give you the rights in the first place. You’ll also want to read over the “license” carefully and make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing and how you can use it. For example you don’t want to give away “master resell rights” if you only have “resell rights”.

Information products are a great way to make money on the Internet. One of the biggest reasons people browse the Net is to find information, if you can supply it, you stand to make a steady income, and your inventory is all virtual, this means no shipping costs as the products are instantly downloaded.

If you’ve been looking for a low cost way to start your online business, you’ll want to take a serious look at ebooks with resell rights.

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