Day: 4 April 2013

Pass It On by The Traditional Arts Team

PASS IT ON book cover

Title: Pass It On
Publisher: The Traditional Arts Team
Editors: Graham Langley and Amy Douglas
Language: English

At 64 pages, PASS IT ON is short book. It is a mistake to assume that this is a criticism for it is, in fact, quite the opposite. PASS IT ON is a concise resource that is a aimed at helping ‘teachers and youth workers of all kinds’ to master the art of storytelling.

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Wrecker by Tamera Lawrence

Title: Wrecker [Kindle Edition]
By Tamera Lawrence
File Size: 2507 KB
Print Length: 234 pages
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (December 4, 2012)
Language: English

From the description on, you’ll see that Wrecker is a story about a twenty-six-year-old woman, Tara Gibbons, who, as a tow truck driver, struggles with the stigma of being a woman in a man’s field. Newly employed by Cole Wilson, Tara finds herself attracted to her boss. That said, there is tension between them as a result of their clash of wills. This tension is what allows for the hidden dangers of the story to evolve. For example, someone is watching Tara – someone with an ulterior motive. In time, she stumbles upon Cole’s secret past. As she faces a life or death battle, the question uppermost is this: whom can she trust?

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