Ghostwriting for Fun and Profit

We’ve all heard of ghostwriters. For some, a ghostwriter is the ghostly assistant to junior detectives on a PBS kids’ show. For most, however, a ghostwriter is someone who writes for another, in the name of another.

Many celebrities use a ghostwriter in their forays into writing. Probably the most-noted ghostwriting project would have to be the books by V.C. Andrews, which were taken on by a ghostwriter after the real V.C. Andrews passed away. Surprisingly, there are a lot of writers that would like to break into this type of business, even though friends and family are sure to question them about such a task.

But ghostwriting can be really rewarding. You get the chance to research and write all about topics that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to learn about. The old “write what you know” theory for writing doesn’t apply here, as your clients will dictate the topic you write about. And you can make a decent living!

If you’re new to writing, it might take some time to get clients, but it’s possible. It just takes some hard work and perserverance. But there are serveral ways that a new ghostwriter can find clients.

First of all, bid on writing jobs on contracted work sites such as or You sign up as a service provider to begin bidding on posted projects. If you win the bid, typically, you do the writing project as a ghostwriter.

Be sure to place ads for your ghostwriting service on free classified ad sites! It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s a great way to get your services out there in front of your potential clients.

Surely by now you’re a member of at least a few forums. Post responses with a signature that defines your ghostwriting service and an email address or website for people to visit. While in the forums, if you’re allowed to introduce your business, you should do it! Definitely seek out writing forums for this. You’ll be amazed at how many authors would love to have a ghostwriter!

Have business cards created or create your own! This should showcase your ghostwriting business, and you should definitely pass them out at every opportunity. Write a press release announcing your services. There are plenty of ways to get the message out, even no-cost or low-cost distribution services available online!

Ghostwriting may not be for everyone. If you want credit for your work, it’s definitely not the way to go, as you don’t get credit, the client does. However, if that doesn’t matter to you and you love to write on a wide variety of topics, ghostwriting can be enjoyable and you can make some pretty good money doing it!

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