Impulse Writing for Better Ad Headings

Writing headlines for your ads is the most important part of your online presence.

When posting your ad to classified sites, directories, message boards, newsgroups or mailing lists, the only part of your ad that is showing is the heading.

So, what your heading says will make the difference between your ad being read or being………………

………………..passed right on by!

The overall importance of headings, as a means of bringing in targeted traffic to your site, is simpy immense.

But, don’t let that stop you from writing attention getting headings.

These steps will allow you to write heading that the average surfer will want to see.

Sit down and really go over what you’re trying to sell. Look at every word on every page of the site. If you’re selling an ebook, read it. If it’s for software or service, use it. Learn everything you can about what you’re selling.

Grab a sheet of paper and just start writing down all the phrases that can describe the product you are trying to sell. The very first things that pop into your mind.

Write down everything that just pops in. Not what you have to think about, but the phrases, words or benefits associated with that product, that enter your thinking with no effort. Write them down until you have to sit there and think of something else.

Stop right there. Go over what you just wrote. If more just happen to pop in your head again, write it down.

Since you have just looked over the product and website associated with it, everything that you wrote down is what any potential customer will also remember.

These are all the phrases and benefits that stick out and make people buy the product. If your emotions have been stirred (excitement, passion, happiness or any impulsive feelings that make you really want the product), then these are the same emotions that you have just written down.

I bet if you go over your sheet of paper you will find some great headings. If not, then you were thinking way to hard!

Impulse buying is one of the ways that we, as Internet Marketers, get people to buy our products or use our services.

So why not use those impulsive feeling in your ads?

Copyright © 2001 Randy Lever

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