When you hop over to Gail’s site (see below for link), she has this audio recording thingy and you can listen to her voice as she introduces herself and her work. Believe it or not, more than what she was offering on her site, I liked the sound of her kind voice. So, I decided to contact her and request an interview. I was not at all disappointed and without further ado, I have great pleasure in introducing to you, Gail Trahd …

Aneeta: Gail, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Gail: Thank you for asking Aneeta! I love talking to people about what I do.

Aneeta: Let’s start by getting to know a little more about you – where do you live, some information about your family and other personal details you’d like to share with me.

Gail: Well, I live in the Cincinnati OH area and I have four children. I have boy/girl twins who are 14 now. I have a 9 year boy and a three year old little girl. I have always loved reading and writing and now I have an outlet for these passions and I get paid to do them!

Aneeta: Please tell me, what did you do before you ventured into world of doing business on the internet?

Gail: I started out working at our local hospital when I was 16. When I went to college becoming a nurse just seemed natural. After I finished college I went back for my masters degree in nursing and became a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pediatrics (working with children). That position doesn’t really exist anymore. Now nurses become Nurse Practitioners – and that’s what I did too. During my nursing career I did regular staff nursing, worked in a doctor’s office, worked in the hospital as a nurse practitioner and worked at a Children’s Hospital in marketing. It’s been a pretty varied career.

Then about 4 years ago I felt a real need to stay home with our four children. It was then that I started homeschooling. Working on the Internet really evolved from the need for an income that would work around my schedule. I wanted to contribute to our income but I didn’t want to work nights and try to stay awake during the day!

Aneeta: From your website, I see that you encourage people to subscribe to receive an educational tool called BookMark It!. Please describe this and what is it all about?

Gail: BookMark It! is an 8 chapter e-book that is delivered every week to your email address. It’s designed help a person, who has little to no experience with publishing informational products on the Internet, from start to finish. If you read each week, spend time doing the assignments and ask for help when you need it you should be able to have a product that is researched, written, published and marketed by the end of the 8 weeks.

When you are finished with the 8 chapter book you have access to a member page (free of course) that gives you all of the resources listed in the book plus many more. There are articles, free resources on the Internet, and Special Reports – all there to help my readers to be successful.

I am NOT an Internet Marketer who markets to the marketer. Definitely a twisted sentence! I have several other niches in which I work but I use YourEzBooks to give back to the community and hopefully help others to succeed. I also use YourEzBooks to tell my readers about other people’s products, which I feel are well worth the money.

I can’t stand purchasing a product, even with a money back guarantee, only to find that what I got was not worth my money – or my time. I simply don’t have the time to go through purchase, read and return – and I don’t think anyone else does either.

Aneeta: As you may know my website caters to storytellers. How important do you think storytelling is for those in business (whether it be an online or off-line business), and what advice would you give these storytellers?

Gail: Oh my gosh! I think storytelling is the basis for communicating in many different arenas. The best way that people learn is from stories. It’s the best way to remember a principle and to learn from others experiences. I have a business that has an offline and online component and I definitely use quick stories to bring home my points to my clients. Online sales letters, if they are written well, are stories. They are stories that keep the reader reading until the very last sentence.

Aneeta: Well, I think this is all I have time for. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Gail: Yes, I just want to encourage people to continue to do several things. The first is to dream. Without our dreams we don’t have goals. The second is to write down your goals and dreams and then take action. Without action our dreams are vapors that disappear. And third, I want to encourage people to continue to practice what they are trying to achieve. You aren’t an expert immediately. It takes practice, time and perseverance to become expert at your action and achieve your goals.

Aneeta: Gail, I love that sentence: Without action our dreams are vapors that disappear. It’s really beautiful. I shall print it out and stick the paper on my wall. Thank you, Gail.

Gail: Thank you!

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