I read one of Earma’s articles and included it in the database of articles on this site. I was interested in what Earma had to tell and I contacted Earma with a view to asking her if she would agree to be interviewed and I am pleased to say she did. Without further ado, please let me introduce to you, Earma Brown …

Aneeta: Hello Earma. Thank you for participating in this interview.

Earma: Hi Aneeta. Thank you for the opportunity. May I compliment you and your partner/team. I think your website and business is a worthy effort. I see storytelling being directly related to writing books and writing in general.

We could all use more story telling skills and qualities to give our articles, poems and books what I call a life lift. Stories make our writing alive and real. Also, people naturally connect with stories. A good story skillfully woven adds a fresh dimension to any piece.

Aneeta: Thank you. Let’s begin with you. Please tell me something about yourself. Where were you born and brought up? Where do you live now and besides this internet business you run, what do you do?

Earma: I grew up the middle child of what some would call an army of a family. I grew up on the farm lands of Arkansas with our parents, 7 sisters and two brothers. I read my first book at age five and was hooked. My sisters and brothers described me as almost never being without a book & pen in hand. Growing up in a large family on a farm, I learned a strong sense of family, community, work ethics, passion for life and compassion for the world.

Currently, I live in Wylie, a suburban city of Dallas Texas with my husband Varn and son Khrystopher. I am author of 9 books and small business owner offering web development services like web design, hosting, domain names, etc. at Arrow Productions

Aneeta: How did you get interested in the writing industry?

Earma: I’ve loved reading and writing since childhood. But I spent a long season about 10 years of not writing. I thought couldn’t earn a decent living so why bother. I worked in corporate banking and accounting.

Then one day while thinking deeply about my life, I was dissatisfied with what I had done up to that point. I was bored most of the time and knew that I was using only about 3% of my potential.

I felt sad that somewhere along the way I lost my childhood passion of writing. I decided to revive my love affair with words, reading, stories and literary expression. I enrolled in writing classes and volunteered where ever I could. I found a niche in doing newsletters for my family, my favorite community projects, non-profits and my family’s church.

Eventually, after a season of volunteering, learning and developing my writing I resigned as editor of all those newsletters. I knew in my heart it was time to do what I felt destined to do. My journey began; I wrote my first book in 1998. I estimated I had at least 10 books in me. At the time of this interview, nine have been birthed. My vision and topics have expanded a bit since then but I am still on that journey…

Aneeta: It’s obvious that you’re a very motivated person. As storytellers are most in need of motivation at the best (and worst) of times, can you tell me, do you have a source of motivation and if so, what is it?

Earma: That sounds like a compliment. So first of all thank you. I am a spiritual person so I am compelled to say my ultimate motivation comes from God. But practically speaking, I think some of my early life lessons, the discipline I got from growing up on a farm and my passion for words is what motivates me.

My work motto has become: love your craft (gift), learn your craft and live your craft. I can’t say that I am gifted with any thing but a passion for writing. I’ve been building on that.

The reason I mention this, because I meet so many people that are gifted in their talent but they fall into laziness. I believe even if you’re gifted to write (story tell), you still have a responsibility to develop it to the best it can be. I say to all the people I influence, “No matter how golden your gift is, seek to make it better.”

Aneeta: It is a compliment, Earma and great motto. I understand you run several websites. Please, tell me a little about these websites.

Earma: Since I have a web development company, I own and manage a network of writing help, internet marketing help and article directory sites including the

Aneeta: What ebooks do you sell on your website?

Earma: I sell 8 ebooks (listed below) located at my and sites.

Each of the eight listed ebooks are bundled as an ePackage with bonus companion ebooks and/or software. The ePackages start at $19.97. I am offering a 50% OFF coupon # to all your subscribers who decide to purchase between 3rd and 10th of May 2006.

  • Write Your Best Book Now!
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  • Produce a Profit Magnet eZine
  • 10 Easy Ways to Market Your Book Online
  • 7 Easy Acts of Online Business Promotion

Aneeta: I see, also, that you provide ecourses and coaching. Can you please explain a little about these services and how they could help a storyteller?

Earma: Thank you for asking. I believe there are lots of storytellers with a book or books inside them but don’t quite know how to get it done. Remember, I was the same way just a few short years ago. I created a 7 step writing program (Write Your Best Book Now) that walks practically anyone through specific steps to get their book started, completed and published.

Perhaps there are still others that need a little help with writing articles or other online marketing methods. I specialize in helping business professionals and writers realize their book and web dreams. My schedule has been full with other projects, so I haven’t had as many coaching clients. For now, I mentor through my free ecourses, resource websites and fee based products.


  1. Jumpstart Writing Your Best Book Now is a practical course with action lessons and activities for how to kill the giant procrastination & get you started writing your best book this year!
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  5. Passion to Profit With Ebooks & More a 7 lesson ecourse with free subscription to weekly ezine. Send any email to and receive monthly free ebook or visit her on the web at for more online marketing tips.

Aneeta: Well, Earma, we’ve come to the end of this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Earma: No, that’s it from me. Thank you again for the opportunity to share a little bit of my story in progress. You have my best wishes for your continued success in all your writing and web endeavors.

Aneeta: Thank you.

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