Frank wrote to me soon after the last newsletter was published. He asked to be interviewed and I agreed. I hope that, like me, you’ll find his story interesting. Without further ado, have great pleasure in introducing you to Frank Landrey …

Aneeta: Frank, thank you for writing to me last week.

Frank: First…Aneeta..Let me give you a Big AWAGA Thank You…for this interview time today. It is always a privilege to speak to a person who understands the business of writing books and telling of stories. These are stories which must be told either as non-fiction or as fiction so that the brushfires in our minds can run wild. My two books are written to entertain and inform.

Aneeta: Let’s start with some information about you. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What do you do for a living? And where do you live now?

Frank: I was born in Vincennes, Indiana…which is located in Knox County. Good Samaritan Hospital was my first home so to speak. It was not an easy entrance for me. Breech Birth means that your bottom/rump comes out first then feet and finally the head. It hurts…At least my mother always told me that having me put a big hurting on her. I’ve had a bad back all my life.

Vincennes became my home for the next 41 years. Vincennes is the home town of Red Skelton. It was the first city in Indiana and a lot more history too.  I played five sports at LincolnHigh School. My wife and I have a 6’ tomb stone up there waiting for us.

What do you do for a living?  At the moment I am an author promoting my new fictional book. The title of it is Sheeple Secrets. But my life has been one of many occupations: First, by working for others I learned about humility and never being paid enough for what I was worth. Next, I became a business owner. That was when I learned that nobody earned their pay but me. I’ve closed three enterprises in my life and started or should I say jump started one that was eventually a success… I=2 0 then spent $25,000 to find out how best to sell my one good business. However, I’ve also been the head golf coach for 12 years at a university. I’m also a speaker.

My wife and our four daughters relocated to the Lynchburg, Virginia area in 1981. We moved there to follow our oldest daughter when she entered Liberty University as a freshman.

Aneeta: I understand, from your website, that you’ve already had a book published before: True Tales of College Golf. That is, I must say, a very interesting title. Please tell me all about this book.

Frank: Thank YOU… I lost a lot of sleep over that title. My wife liked Meet Me at the Chain. That title became my book’s subtitle. The book’s front cover shows a school logo golf bag sitting next to a chain that hangs across a small road. It leads back to a set of dorms where players lived.

True Tales of College Golf is a non-fiction story about a hot head coach and his unruly players. They eventually get on the same page and reach an athletic dream of an NCAA post season trip. Insightful human stories are revealed about my life and that of my players, divine intervention. Doctor Jerry Falwell is exposed as a real-life-person who has an agenda for his college coaches. While the story unfolds, the reader will be in the pep sessions, golf lessons and life lessons experienced along the way. Eventually, we all have a wonderful trip together.

Aneeta: On the site dedicated to this book, it is stated that your motto is this:  Sock It To Them Always With A Godly Attitude. Please explain what this means to my readers.

Frank: During our push for a Division 1 – Mid Atlantic Region pick to enter the East Regional, one of my freshmen took to heart my comment about our need to put it to St. Johns the next day. Our guys did that very thing beating them by over 25 strokes in that day’s round. While entering the Club House, he yelled hey coach We Really Stuck it to St. Johns today! Their coach was standing nearby, turned around red faced, and expressed verbally his displeasure of the comment.

Soon, the words “Sock It To Them With A Godly Attitude” came to my mind and it was later shortened to SITTAWAGA. This way we could start a charge during a round without offending anyone. Actually, I decided to put AWAGA1 on my licence plate to remind me of an obligation. “Always With A Godly Attitude” The “1” means “Job 1” Some days I do better than others.

Aneeta: What was the most memorable part of the experience of getting your book published?

Frank: I would have to say that the Self Publishing Experience was by far the most memorable. That was another $25,000 lesson for me. From a Seminar for Authors in Pennsylvania, to a publisher in Lynchburg, to building a web site for the book, to a $2,500.00 program on how to sell truck loads through Email Blasts, I spent the money hands over fists. We published and sold 3,000 books but lost some money in the process. However, it has been worth every penny to me.

Aneeta: I understand you have another book which is due for publication: Sheeple Secrets. Please explain what this is about and when is it going to be on sale.

Frank: Sheeple Secrets is a fictional book that takes readers into the world of Money Moguls. Frank Lindy meets Fred Creasy in a Boise, Idaho Public Park through unusual circumstances. Their unlikely conversation turns Frank onto a world of high finance that wants to take America into a One World Socialist Government. America is about to be taken over by Money Changers. Fred decides to tell Frank all he knows about Sheeple, how he knows, and when he knew it. Unsuspecting turns and twists occur during the book’s four hour conversation. Before the reader finishes the book, they not only know what a Sheeple is and the Secrets that need revealed.

Fred shares what an insider knows about what Money Moguls know. Fred also has answers about how to stop the plans and plot against America’s Sheeple. Moguls Talk exposes lingo of pawns, conspiratorial politicians. Sheeple Secrets will be ready to publish by October 10th.  I am looking for a publisher.

Aneeta: As you know, this website caters for storytellers. What advice would you have for those who would like to venture into storytelling?

Frank: You can always tell your own story through others like I’ve done in Sheeple Secrets. However, in my first book, True Tales of College Golf, I’ve told others’ stories along with mine.

Nevertheless, in each book whether non-fiction or fiction, telling your stories brings you closure.

Our lives are unique and each life has a story to tell. Everyone gains by reading your stories. However, it is my belief that when we write we must implement AWAGA to help others most.

Aneeta: Frank, this is all I have to ask you. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Frank: I’ve always told my daughters, “If you don’t know what you want your children to believe, your children will believe what someone else wants them to know.” My books reflect this motto. I have a story to tell that has a predetermined ending. Sure, some parts surprise me. As for today, I sincerely hope that your listeners have learned something that I wanted them to know. My books do this too. My prayer is that it all helps someone.

Aneeta: Frank, thank you.

Frank: Again, Aneeta….Thank YOU! It is my privilege to speak today on a subject that makes our lives worth living…Telling Our Stories for Others to Hear/Read and Benefit From…

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