I was introduced to Karen and her work by a friend-of-a-freind-of-a-friend. At the time, she was about to launch her new book (see below). I decided not to rush the interview and waited until now to interview Karen. I’m glad I did and I hope you enjoy reading her story as well. Therefore, without without further ado, I have great pleasure in introducing to you, Karen McGregor …

Aneeta: Hello, Karen. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Karen: My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Aneeta: I would like to begin with something about you. Please tell me where were you born, where did you grow up, what do you do for a living and where do you live now?

Karen: I was born in small town Northern Alberta, Canada. I am an international speaker, women’s circle and workshop facilitator, and professional intuitive. I also am the creator and owner of www.DivineYou.ca, a spiritual events company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I currently live there with my two sons.

Aneeta: Before we go into your recently-launched book, The Madonna Code, please tell me, what prompted you to want to write this book?

Karen: This book was born from Divine Chaos: in the period of 6 weeks my husband and I separated, I lost my 2 business partners, and my son broke his leg, spending many months in and out of hospital. The journey into the Code came as a result of losing my former identity and experiencing my heart opening after coming close to completely shutting down mentally and emotionally. Mary, Mother of Christ, appeared to me in my lowest hour and helped guide me to the power of a radiant heart. The second reason I wrote the book was because I realized that I and many of my friends were trained in corporate jobs that required us to be guarded and participate in the patriarchal structure that kept hearts closed. As I entered into the Divine Feminine and witnessed my heart and the hearts of other women bloom, I had a great desire to share that experience and practical processes with many women; this I believed was best accomplished by writing the book and offering women the opportunity to be in circle.

Aneeta: O.K. let’s discuss the book itself. Please provide a description of this book for my readers.

Karen: This is the description provided in opening pages of the book:

The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state in which love flourishes without fear of loss or rejection.

As a result of a three-year journey journey through the disintegration of her marriage, loss of her business partners and family illness, Karen McGregor gained profound wisdom and insights into the radiant power of an open heart. In The Madonna Code, she guides you through tools and processes to unveil the Code and open to your deepest purpose and highest calling so you can…

  • The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state Experience the Deep Connection and Intimacy of Sacred Love
  • The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state Feel the ecstasy of a peaceful, accepting relationship with yourself and others
  • The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state Embrace your feminine essence and intuitive heart-wisdom
  • The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state Ignite your leadership and call forth your infinite source of power

The Madonna Code invites you to enter a state The Madonna Code illuminates the four hearts of Mary that magnify the love we yearn for; a love that calls forth the unification of partners, communities, and nations. The non-judgmental Virgin Heart, the compassionate, surrendering Mother Heart, the powerful, confident Goddess Heart and the conscious leadership of the Queen Heart unite our body and spirit, feminine and masculine, sex and the sacred, earth and heaven.

Aneeta: Although I have yet to read your book, I am pretty sure that you have included some stories in your book. Can you please share a story here?

Karen: Sure, one of the stories that I tell is my introduction to Mary:

I had never known true desperation until that summer (when Divine Chaos struck). In the not-knowing, in the mystery, I saw images of Mary in my mind and felt her warmth in my heart. I began to pray and discover what unconditional love feels like in my body. I continued to reach out to Mary, as woman and Goddess, because something deep within me wanted her help. Help to leave Earth, if only for a while, and be with her, wherever that was. I threw myself, arms and legs splayed, onto my bed, begging to be released from the nightmare I had created.

I must admit that I expected nothing to change. But on one particularly trying day, I heard Mary say, “Focus on your heart.” As I did this, my heart warmed and was followed by an intense heat that within minutes felt like a burning fire. I felt weightless, as if I was part of the air around me, and a warm white light bathed me in love. I did nothing except be a part of this heaven; I did not think, act, or move. I simply was one with the All.

When I returned back on the gentle direction of Mary, I knew that I had experienced the very heart of the Sacred Feminine. The very thing I tried to stuff out of existence in an effort to protect myself was the saving grace of my life.

Aneeta: What has been the response to your book, thus far

Karen: On opening day The Madonna Code became an  instant bestseller on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and was in the top 3 hot selling books on Amazon.ca. Many people have shared with me how touched they are by the raw honesty and the  practical processes that they are using to make a difference in their connection to the Divine Feminine within and around them. They love how it’s helping their relationships to become more joyful; to experience Sacred Love, intimacy, and the transformative power of an open heart.

Aneeta: Clearly, your work will involve some elements of storytelling. Which one did you find most useful when writing your book?

Karen: Telling the truth without sugar coating the events or my perception of the events, and within that process, illuminating the wisdom, compassion and peace for myself and others. Story for me is the most powerful part of my book because in its honesty, I have given the reader a chance to say “I see myself; I see another; and both are okay as they are.”

Aneeta: What advice would you give to those who would like to start telling their own stories?

Karen: Do the inner work on yourself to discover what your fears are around writing, around stories, around how others will perceive your stories. So often our most heart-opening stories never get told due to fears. When we release and accept the fear, the stories tumble onto the page and speak to us with the wisdom of an old sage.

Aneeta: Karen, this is all I have to ask. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Karen: I am grateful to share with other writers and readers a glimpse into my writing and the transformative power of an open heart.

Aneeta: Karen, thank you, once again.

Karen: Thank you Aneeta.

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