I’m not going to take up your time by writing a long introduction – you’ll find out why soon. I suggest you just go ahead and read this comprehensive interview with a man who just oozes with energy. It is with great pleasure, I introduce to you, John diLemme …

Aneeta: John, Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

John: First off, Aneeta, I want to thank you for caring about the people that read your e-zine, the people who subscribe to your website, in order for you to interview and literally drill someone like myself to extract out of me the secrets, the insider techniques on how to effectively tell a story to impact people’s lives in order for you to achieve your mission, and as I say, achieve your Why and impact other people’s lives worldwide.

Aneeta: Such praise. *Blush*. Thank you. Let’s start with some information about you. Where did you grow up, what were you doing before you became this ‘Millionaire Maker’?

John: Let me tell you a little about myself. You and I, along with all your readers, have something in common. We were all born. I was born in 1965, 8:35am, room 404. I get very specific about my day of birth because each of you reading this interview has to understand that you were born for greatness, you were born with a Why inside you. You were born for the specific reason why you were put on this Earth to achieve massive success. In the system of life, we get bombarded with so much negativity, that we never achieve our massive success that we were given in our birth right. It wasn’t network marketing that interested me; it was the freedom potential to build a business with passive residual income that interested me.

A little bit more about my story, not only was I born in 1965, but I was also born in New York (which if you could hear me, you would know this from listening to me). In 1969, I was four years old, it was the last year the New York Jets won the Super Bowl, and the year that I was diagnosed by doctors in a hospital with having a speech impediment. Before I go on, I want you to know what you can get out of me in this interview…..I am going to give you the keys to unlock the riches and profits that are inside you………. through a 14 year process, from the age of 4 to 18, I was a clinically diagnosed as a person who stuttered. What that means is at the age of 18 is I could barely say my name. Let’s get to the point, I went to college and graduated as a top business student, but it didn’t make a difference. I was working in my family owned art gallery in New York. My family has owned galleries in Manhattan and Westchester County for decades. I was working my family business and I had a day that changed my life. Everybody has that day. Maybe today you will be reading this, and this will be your day.

I believe in the sprit of expectation. I expect someone’s life to change from this interview. It may be you, I don’t know, but I believe someone’s life will change. On March 10, 1990, I was bored to no end. I was in a routine, in a grave, in with no goals, no motivation, no enthusiasm, no excitement, and yet I had a burning desire inside me to speak, to speak fluently. I used to watch the great JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King. And I would watch them speak and observe how they were great orators. It occurred March 10, 1990. I picked up an ad. It said, “Earn 10,000 dollars, wear tailor made clothes, drive Mercedes-Benz.” That intrigued my interest. Focus on this point. I was intrigued, but I took action. A lot of people will get intrigued and not take action. They will ask the opinion of others before they take action. I took action. I made a phone call. I attended the event on March 15, 1990 and it changed my life forever. I was exposed that evening to personal development which I never heard about in school. I graduated from a top business school, graduated magna cum laude, and I never heard of personal development. Went out that evening and purchased the book Think and Grow Rich. That changed my life forever.

Let’s flip it forward nine years. 1990-1999 I built a business based upon the mindset that I was going to be financially free and in order for me to live my Why. That was how I developed the brand As you take a look at it, know the Alexa Ranking on is in the teens. It is one of the top personal development internet websites on the net today because I utilized a vehicle, a business vehicle of network marketing, to become financially free.

Let’s flip it forward to today. I am a Strategic Business Coach. I am an International Motivational Speaker. I spoke in over 16 countries worldwide on the topics of: Success, Motivation, Internet Marketing, and Absolutely Creating a Profitable Life.

Aneeta: Please tell me about your ezine, Find Out Your Why

John: Find Your Why E-zine. What the e-zine is about is as you know, an e-zine stands for an electronic magazine, a way to distribute information to impact people’s lives. I believe the message and mission behind Find Your Why. When you read it in the first person, you have to ask yourself:
• Why am I here?
• Why do I do what I do?
• Why do I wake up everyday?

You have to Find Your Why. And when you find something, you have to extract it, dig down deep and search for it. ‘Research’ in the old Greek means “to seek out”. You have to research yourself deep down inside and Find Your Why. I have spoken in 16 countries worldwide. I am an International Motivational Speaker. I have done interviews worldwide. All because I teach people how to Find Their Why, how to radically do a 720 degree turn in their life and change their life, to Find Their Why, how to live, walk, breath, talk, speak, act, expect with expectation of achievement. For all those reading here today, you can send an email to, she is a Champion, and ask her for a sample Why Card. A Why Card is what you say everyday. The first seven minutes upon rising every morning will direct your entire day. Most people will roll over, put on the radio or watch TV every morning. Most people can sing along to songs like they wrote the song because they have heard it hundreds of thousands of times, yet they have not spoken their dream into existence. That is why I talk about a Why Card where when you roll over in the morning, in the first seven minutes of the day, and you have to speak your Why into existence. You have to say:

“I am dealing with all the challenges of developing my business today because my Why is to spend more time with my family, be able to tithe a high percentage of my earnings to my church or favorite organization. I am making a difference today as a profit-producing, fear demolishing, life changing, inspirational, action taker, fired up, laser focused Champion.”

Understand, that is what the mission is behind Find Your Why, the CD Find Your Why, the DVD FYW, and the e-zine FYW. I highly suggest everyone should visit the website FYW and sign up for the weekly e-zine. We have one of the top five personal development e-zines for almost five year. It is not a flash in the pan vision. We have one of the most highly visited websites on the internet today in reference to changing people’s lives, overcoming fear, demolishing procrastination, fulfilling your dream, achieving success, and making a difference in people’s lives worldwide.

Aneeta: This ‘Why’ card sounds great. What else do you offer?

John: I am going to give you a brief overview of what I offer. I offer many products and services. I believe a person must be consistently motivated on cutting edge, state of the art information that is very crucial for their success. Here is a statistic, 97% of people at age 65 are dead or dead broke. 1.8% are earning six figures or more. 1/10 of 1% are financially free. That is why I offer the material because I believe all of you reading this today in reference to telling a story, because the bottom line is your story will change people’s lives. I will briefly cover the resources.

1. 7 Highly Guarded Secrets to Close Every Sale – I have one resource called 7 Highly Guarded Secrets To Close Every Sale. Many people shy away from the word closing, but in a word, especially when someone has gone through some challenges, they always say they have to put closure to a situation? Because when they do, they can move through and move to the next level. That is why I teach you specific highly guarded secrets with how to close every sale. For any of you storytellers reading this today that are into sales, marketing, or any entrepreneurial business, you need to know how to open up in long-term relationship because when one door closes, another opens. So, closing is outstanding. I teach 7 specific highly guarded secrets for closing every sale.

2. Iron Clad Secrets of Network Marketing to Build a Million Dollar Dynasty – Then, for people with an interest in network marketing, I have a double CD set titled Iron Clad Secrets of Network Marketing to build a million dollar dynasty. I was involved in network marking for 9 years, became a 7 figure earner, and earned my financial freedom. Be very careful in network marketing in who you are listening to. Make sure you are listening people who have done what you want to do and have gone through what you are now making a decision to go through. In this CD series, Iron Clad Secrets of Network Marketing to Earn One Million Dollars, I teach you specific secrets in how to build a million dollar business in MLM. If that is the venture you have chosen, I highly suggest you grab a hold of this series.

3. The Success Alphabet Mastery Series – Success Alphabet Mastery series is powerful, especially for storytellers, because the alphabet is designed for success. So why are 95% of people at the age of 65 failing, because they don’t understand how to utilize or take advantage of the alphabet. I teach you techniques and strategies with how to benefit from the alphabet and orchestrate your words from the alphabet. In that CD series, there is a CD called The Language Filter. We are used to putting filters on our air conditioning. Our corporate office is in South Florida, so it gets very hot without air conditioning. You have to change your air filter, your oil filter, and your water filter. Yet, can you imagine if we had a filter on our mouth. Every word we said, every word we shed, when we shared our stories, were filtered for quality, for effectiveness, for changing people’s lives. I teach you how to maximize the language filter.

4. 21 Keys to Earn a Million Dollars and Beyond – This teaching was recorded live at an event I did with the great Les Brown in California. It is 21 specific keys you can utilize with your business.

5. The Power of a Dream – I have to forewarn you, is a highly energetic motivational message about the power of a dream. It was recorded about three weeks ago. And, I can tell you thousands of people listen to my material and the love this CD. It fires you up, gets you excited about your life and your dream and your storytelling!

6. The Leadership Game – An awesome book! One of my mentors, Pastor Tom Mullins, interviewed eight football coaches that won national championships in college football – meaning the athletes played for the glory of the game and not the glory of the dollar. It’s an incredible book and I highly suggest you grab a copy of this book.

7. Books & Movies – I also have books and movies that I recommend as a Champion. As someone that is reading this today, you need to maximize the books you read and movies you watch. Here’s what you can do. You can visit and – download these pages. Immerse yourself with these materials and your life will change.

8. 7 Secrets to Explode Your Real Estate Business – I speak a lot in the real estate circus. I have been on CNBC for real estate. This is a teaching I did live at one of the largest real estate investors club in North America. So, if you are reading this today and you are into real estate and maximizing the real estate market, grab a hold of this and it will explode your real estate business.

9. What’s Your* DNA? – A DVD that I recorded live and it is very powerful. Most people know that our molecular structure is the basis of our DNA, but your success in life is also based on DNA. DNA stands for Decisions N’ Actions. The decisions you make today, followed by the actions you take based on those decisions will predict your future success. It is a very powerful, eye-opening, motivational, training about understanding the power of your decisions.

10. Tick Tock – A DVD in which I reference the power of time. We all know tick tock pertains to a clock going tick-tock, tick-tock. Yet, most people waste their time and don’t value their time. Very powerful teaching about the value of time.

11. Champions Start – a CD and DVD. In life people don’t usually get anywhere because they are not focused on the finish line. They grab the steering wheel and are laser focused across the finish line, but in life when you ask people where they are going and what their expectations are, they don’t know because they don’t have any clue with where they want to go. It is a great teaching on focusing on the finish line and where you are going success-wise and with storytelling.

12. Are You A* 3%’er? – I teach this a lot because the statistics show that 97-98% of people will fail in life. There is a 3% bracket of success. I break down what characterizes this 3%. It’s an awesome CD.

13. 2 Day Network Marketing Millionaire Academy Boot Camp Ticket – The bottom line is these are World Famous Boot Camps. Done in over 5 countries world-wide. Behind Closed Door, hands on, two day from 11am to 8pm, 18 hours of proven success, time tested strategies on how to build a multi – millionaire network marketing system. I highly suggest anyone reading this today to visit . We have seven hours of video testimonials about the Boot Camps from people just like you. They are life changing. I could go on for hours about them, but bottom line, visit the website to read more about the Boot Camps.

Aneeta: That’s a lot of information. I see you also conduct live seminars, personal coaching and teleclasses. Please give a brief summary of what these involve. John, at this stage, I must admit I’m tired just writing these things down. How do you find the energy to do ALL of this?

John: That is a great question. I do offer an incredible amount of material because I am laser focused. As someone who wants to impact and change people’s lives by telling stories, you have to value your time. 97% of people who just lala around in life don’t value their time, they waste time. We have a great champion team with DDG, Inc. Everyone knows John Di Lemme, but I am only part of the Champions that are behind the scenes DDG, Inc.. We all build together a dream to assist others worldwide. The key is being excited and understanding your Why. Our mission statement is, “You must be absolutely clear about your goals and relentless about the pursuit of your Why.” I am relentless about extracting out of people worldwide, the greatness and success, their why, that lies inside of them and teach them specific strategies, motivate, excite them, create enthusiasm inside them one heart at a time. That is what excites me. You can visit and click on testimonials. That is what excites me! Teaching and personal development must become a habit. Today you are an exact response of your habits. You have to take responsibility for that.

Aneeta: As you may know, my website caters for storytellers. What advice would you have for them?

John: It’s a very powerful question, Aneeta. Everyone reading this has a story. Your story is your adversities, your challenges, the process and progress you go through in life, the seasons you go through in life. I have a quote, “There is a reason for every season.” As much as you may think your story is no big deal, your story will save someone’s life. Let me say this again so everyone understands this. You will save someone’s life with your story. Whatever you are going through right now, you are growing as you go through it. The words of comfort, advice, and empowerment you can share with someone as they are going through the same process as you, will save their life. I can tell you, Aneeta, that worldwide I have hundreds of thousands of stories of how to Find Your Why CD that has absolutely changed people’s lives because they realize they have a destiny, they have a WHY, they have a purpose, there is a specific reason why they are doing what they are doing. They are filled with focus, they are filled with enthusiasm, and they are filled with conviction. So when you share your story, understand that telling your story will change someone’s life. Your story is powerful. As you know, one of the most lessons to be learned is Show and Tell. Everyone remembers that. Take this to heart. Your story is a masterpiece. Your story has the ability to change people’s lives worldwide. Don’t take it for granted. Take advantage of the benefits your story has to empower others to go to the next level in life.

Conclusion and Special Offer

I want to thank you Aneeta, for tracking me down, getting a hold of me, getting a hold of our office, in order to take advantage of my wisdom, my years of studies, and my personal development expertise. I truly believe you have a great heart, a great vision, a great mission through your website. Aneeta, I am going to offer some special bonus to you and all the people reading this interview.

All this summarized, it all comes down to success is based upon you Knowing Your Why. is a motivational website. Yet, motivation is the driving fuel for every vehicle and you’ve chosen the vehicle of internet marketing. If you don’t know WHY you are going to build an internet presence, then your internet presence will fail. It’s just like you could purchase a Bentley or a Hyundai – two very different vehicles. One is 10-20 thousand dollars; the other is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Both need fuel. Without the fuel for theses vehicles, they will go nowhere. You can have a multi-million dollar vehicle, but if you don’t have the fuel, you won’t go anywhere.

I have the fuel and have proven I have the fuel. I have over 40 pages of testimonials you can read for yourself by visiting and clicking testimonials. This is a time-tested, proven, guaranteed process. I have put together an unbelievable offer. I said to myself, what can I do for the DEMC Champion subscribers? I have put together three e-books that I absolutely love:

I Can ebook ($17.99 value) – This will teach how to unleash the full potential of your mind and to fully utilize your mind’s ability.

Boost Your Confidence ($26.98 value) – Confidence is the foundation for massive growth. This e-book will teach you how to succeed at being yourself, how to overcome your shyness, and overcome your doubts and fears instantly. It will boost your confidence!

12 Winning Leadership Qualities e-book ($19.97 value) – It will unleash the leader instinct within you. There is a complete and comprehensive report that shows what makes a real leader.

When you total up these price tags, and I have sold hundreds of these e-books online, at these prices, it is a $64.94. I am going to give you all three e-books as a bonus for you grabbing a hold of what is the number one personal development CD on the internet today titled Find Your Why.

Over 7,000 of the Find Your Why CDs have been sold worldwide. I can tell you right now, if you don’t own it, grab a hold of it.

I have put together a special. This CD normally retails for $47. You can literally visit, click on Success Library, and you will see it retails for $47.

What I am going to do is something you can do to help you build your business. I am going to put together the $47 Find Your Why CD, plus $64.94 of actual bonuses. This is in excess of $110 of product. I am going to allow you to steal from me today… can grab a hold of this package for $17 plus shipping and handling. And, do not complain about the shipping and handling, as you will see when you receive the package, I don’t pack the CDs out of my home, I have a professional worldwide fulfillment central that handles the products. You will see, for $17, plus S&H, when you receive the package, it will change your life.

Take Action! Decide Today! Visit and make sure you read this interview many times to fully understand the process of developing a multi-million dollar online presence. I believe if you are reading this, you have the right to achieve this.

Take Action! Decide Today! Visit and make sure you read this interview many times to fully understand the process of developing a multi-million dollar online presence. I believe if you are reading this, you have the right to achieve this.

John Di Lemme
Strategic Business Coach
Motivational Speaker
Author of Find Your Why and Fly

A *Millionaire* Personal Success Habit
Monday Night *Live* Motivational Tele Class 8:30 p.m. EST.
Dial: 212-990-8000 access code 7458#
*Spread the News about the *Live* Class*

Creating 1,000 Mill.ionaires Worldwide!

Aneeta: On behalf of all my readers, thank you very much for this offer, John.

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