I ‘met’ Bob in much the same way I met Eric, through the net! I read all of the entries on Bob’s site and was fascinated with his work. I asked him if he would consent to an interview and he agreed. So, without much further delay, I introduce to you, Bob Danzig.

Aneeta: Hello Bob. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Bob: Thank you.

Aneeta: Bob, please tell us a little about your life. Where you grew up and so on.

Bob: I grew up in foster care–social worker on my case told me , at 11 years of age–“You are Worthwhile”—she gave me permission to see myself as a full person with purpose. Foster care system got me room in a house when I graduated from High School—and–job as a teenage office boy at the local newspaper, The Albany Times Union. My first boss, a lady, told me one Saturday morning that ‘she had been observing me and believed I was Full of Promise’. That day she gave me permission to have ambition. I went in US Navy for a few years, then to college nights for 6 years–and–17 years after I walked in the door as the office boy, I became Publisher of that newspaper. 7 years later I was in New York City as nationwide CEO of all Hearst Newspapers—a company I headed for 20 years . It became a multi billion dollar powerhouse of a business.

Aneeta: You did not stay in this position for long did you?

Bob: Upon stepping down early from the company to become an author (have written 7 books)–that led to my being invited to speak on Leadership–this led to a fresh new career as a motivational speaker—I am booked to serve clients though 2007.

Every Child Deserves a Champion Including the Child Within You!
There is Only One You You are Unique in the Universe
Angel Threads
The Leader Within You
Vitamins for the Spirit
Business Insights

[Editor’s Note: the reason I have not put the pictures of the books here is because it would take too long for the pictures to load! They are available for viewing and also purchase via his site, ]

Aneeta: Your client list is very long and I am sure that you have many stories to tell. Please share with us, just three of your most interesting tales.

Bob: Among the fascinating clients I have been privileged to serve have been: The CEOs of America’s Printing Industry—I spoke to them for an hour and then fielded general questions for an hour; I have also spoken for all 4000 foster care social workers in New Jersey–celebrating and applauding their choice to do such Heart Driven work—I have also spoken at the national conventions of both CASA (Child Advocates Society of America) and the Child Welfare League. A wondrous mix of private and public sector folks.

Aneeta: I see from your website, that you are recognized as a Knight of Malta. What is this?

Bob: I am Catholic. In that church local Bishops are invited to nominate individuals they consider exceptional servants to others –to–become Knights of Malta. I was so honored by the Albany, N.Y. Bishop. The organization supports hospitals for the needy around the world.

Aneeta: You and your wife established a non-profit organisation PBD. (Professional Bi-Cultural Development). Please, tell us a little more about this and what is the work you do.

Bob: My speaking fees and book royalties are donated through our family charity to foster care kids in college (I was one) and to gifted young musicians (my bride is one)

Aneeta: Well, I think we have come to the end of the interview. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.

Bob: Thank you

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