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What a dark night of the mind
set on seeing an end to a period
of listless governance.
When I write I have no idea
of the consequences of  how
American voters think. I wonder
though why voting is optional?
If he wins his black skin and
heritage will depict a glory
unknown, unheard, for a nation
that has reached down to the
pits of unpopularity, yet
disdainly carries on ruling.
A nation oft despised for
its ignorance and shallowness
of mind. If he wins, he is an
epitome of the true American
with all its mix. On to the
top  of the ladder this nation
springs. If he loses the depth
of despair  can never  be expressed.
For America would only present
a face, ridden with  hate and
prejudice. Racism will
have attained  its peak and
all the world will suffer
at the loss of love and  peace,
and just ordinary simple things.

Merlyn Swan
November 1st 2008

This piece may NOT be freely reprinted. Please contact editor @ howtotellagreatstory.com for reprint rights.

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