There is no limit to the power of storytelling. Many professionals think they can only use to inform and entertain, and probably sell goods and services.

Do you know you can use it to sell yourself? Yes, you say. I can do so in job interviews. But the power of storytelling stretches more that. You can use it to sell yourself in the marriage market. Whether you a suitor looking for a wife, or a bride searching for a husband, storytelling used as a marketing tool can really help you get the type of spouse you desire and be happy in your in your marriage.

With storytelling, you can tell your value stories. No person can stampede you into a marriage you will regret. For single women, you will be armed with the right marketing weapon to erase stress and worry in getting married. You take your time, sell the values and solutions in you, and make the right choice at the right time and place as at when due.

This is the central message in my new book titled; I Want a Husband.

Take this excerpt on how you can win your mother-inlaw.

How to

So how do you get Mama on your side? Here’s the strategy. Your encounters with her should always be experiential, that is making her experience your content. And be real. If you pretend, she will know. Forget about how beautiful you are. Mama is not interested. What you should market to her are your character, submission, domestic abilities and cooking skills, industry and fidelity. Seek the advice of married women on how to win Mama to your side. Some mothers still influence their sons’ choices of wives.

The starting point of your marketing is to get your bride story ready. If Mama asks you to “tell me about you and your family, what will you say?” Your bride story is your winning promotion because you may only have only one chance of meeting her before his son decides to propose. Do due diligences on Mama before you meet her. When your man is in a good mood, ask him questions about his mother’s likes and dislikes.

I did it with my wife and really prepared her for the first meeting with my mother. It worked. A man who really wants to marry you will assist you to win his family members.

Same way, you have to promote him to your family. If not, you will discover to your dismay that your family will be the obstacle to your marriage.

What is your bride story?

You must have one about your brand. And it has to be real and convincing. Your bride story should show who you are and how you can be a helpmate to her son. It should erase Mama’s fear of loss of influence over her son. Assure her you are not a monopolist and you are coming to build harmony in that family.

Your story is not for entertainment. It is for serious marketing. You should use it to persuade those who can be part of the decision-making for your man to marry you. The aim is to connect your brand to your man and his family with emotions and reality. Tell Mama a simple story and let it be true. Make sure you plug in your family background and parent’s marriage stability and how you can help his son improve their family fortunes.

Tell your story with passion. It makes you credible. And be very observant. If Mama has anything in common with your mom, play it up. You can start your story from that angle. Nothing thrills a mother as to learn that she attended the same school or belongs to the same association with another Mama who has a big daughter like you. It will demolish all obstacles. If your man’s mother is no more alive, you are lucky. But still prepare your bride story all the same. Your man has aunties.

If you are from a broken home, or you are not a product of marriage, please say so and indicate your determination to make your marriage work. This is a delicate issue you have to address. If you lie, Mama or family members can find out your background and possibly use it against you.

The market perception in some countries is that a woman from a broken home or single parent cannot make a good wife. This is not true but the stigma is there. You must know where it pinches you, deal with it then turn it around. For many brides, meeting Mama can be a nightmare. It should not be. Just be prepared with your bride story.

Eric Okeke is a storyteller, editor, business writer, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book: I Want a Husband. He is one of Nigeria’s most experienced financial journalists. He has published several articles in local and foreign publications and in websites such as, and He is currently running Infomedia Company, a media consulting and information marketing company. Visit his blog at

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