Are your brands reported in the news on radio? After all, news reporting is storytelling. Take this example of brand storytelling. It is an excerpt from my forthcoming book titled,  TruNaija…Let my people go.

Brands FM News

The time is 4 O’ clock. Good afternoon and welcome to Brands FM Network News. The headlines.

  1. A vibrant youth market with plenty of investment opportunities has been identified in Naija.
  2. Imagination has mandated the Brand Storyteller to liberate Naija youths from the bondage of Pharaohs.
  3. A new cocoa based beverage has entered the Naija market to provide nourishment and energy for youths who are pushing to the top.
  4.  The spotlight is a brand message to youths titled, Power in a Beverage.

If you drink, don’t drive. Arrive alive, your loved ones are waiting for you.

Now the details of the News…I am Wisdom. Reading the news with me is Freedom…Good afternoon.

A new book that has just come into circulation has identified a tribal market of youths in Naija, Known as TruNaija, the youths are made up of 12 tribes. The book describes them as a force that can turn around the fortunes of the country, and create a better life for her citizens, if they are set free from bondage and get the necessary support. The author, Uncle Eric describes these youths as very creative, full of talent and energy, unique in their lifestyle, and rearing to unleash what they have and go to the top. He said they always like to express who they are, always on the go, are true to themselves and want to achieve their dreams quick time. But the Pharaohs of Naija are holding them back.

The author told Brands FM that he was inspired to write the book after he read another book, and was motivated by Imagination. The new book paints a vivid picture and profile of these youths, and discusses what drives them, their dreams and demands.

Imagination mandated the Brand Storyteller to confront these Pharaohs and tell them to let these youths go so they can soar and prosper. Our correspondent gives the rest of the story:

“The encounters between the Storyteller and the Pharaohs were explosive. At the monthly meeting of the Council of Pharaohs today presided over by Corruption, the Storyteller told members that Imagination mandated him to tell them, ‘Let my people go.’ But it was not well received as a heated argument ensued between Corruption and the Storyteller on the identity and authority of Imagination.’

Speaking to Brands FM, the Storyteller explained his mission:

“Imagination told me that the cries of these youths have come to him and their plight is disturbing him. He wants to set them free. He told me to go and tell these Pharaohs, “Let my people go.’ That is what I have been doing in the past six weeks. Initially, they did not take me serious. They were asking, who is Imagination?

“Imagination asked me to persist because these Pharaohs are stubborn. I did so until they yielded. In my third visit, Corruption saw reason with me, and promised to personally deal with their masters so that our youths can be free. We expect something to happen soon. A new dawn is coming for Naija, a transformation, and life in this nation will change for the best for everybody.”

“So who is Imagination?”

“Imagination is not human.  He is a big force that lives in everybody who gives plenty of powers to people such as creativity and to ability to see far. People who put their Imagination to work can make great impact on the society. Imagination can speak to anybody just as it did to me.”

“So what is the next line of action?”

“I will report my breakthrough to Imagination. We shall wait for Corruption to do what he has promised to do and we take it from there.”

This is Brands FM, brand-casting from lnfomedia.

(21 March 2012)

Eric Okeke is a storyteller, editor, business writer, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book: I Want a Husband. He is one of Nigeria’s most experienced financial journalists. He has published several articles in local and foreign publications and in websites such as, and He is currently running Infomedia Company, a media consulting and information marketing company. Visit his blog at

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