Here is a job vacancy that might interest you. Wanted! CEOs and professionals with exceptional abilities, to manage a futuristic and storytelling company, Story Marine Inc.

Story Marine specialises in using corporate storytelling to motivate discouraged corporate executives and helping professionals who are battling mid-life crisis, and others whose businesses are sinking, to rise and forge ahead. This uses storytelling to help such executives to reinvent their lives and bounce back to profitable business.

Candidates for this exalted position must be able to use storytelling to lead and motivate staff. They must have the relevant professional qualifications with relevant  corporate experience. But these abilities only, do not guarantee you will get the job.

Story Marine is searching for people with exceptional abilities; they must be able to walk on water, loaded with wisdom, courageous, and must be ready to take on incredible challenges that demand miracles and bizarre storytelling.

An incredible job vacancy you say. Very soon such vacancies may be published in the Great Storytelling Network and in the online Jobs and Recruitment Press. Why not? Any online storytelling medium that is great should be able to attract great ads and great minds. After all, we are now in the age of storytelling, and demonstration of power and miracles.

Doing the supernatural is no longer limited to churches, synagogues, temples or mosques. Professionals with storytelling abilities, divine wisdom and exceptional abilities are needed badly to combat the global economic crisis engulfing the world economy now. The economy of many nations and fortunesof many businesses need to be reflated now. Who can do that? Not Pastors, not Imans or Rabbis, but CEOs who are great storytellers, technocrats, business women and men who can go more than the extra mile to deliver extraordinary results.

And so, are you one of them? “Can you walk on water? “Me walk on what?” you ask. “ I am not Jesus Christ, neither do I have supernatural powers?” Your response is a question, not an answer. “Can you walk on water? I ask again. My question is figurative. What I mean is; “Can you walk afloat the turbulent waters of the global economy that is infested with many sharks to deliver results.

Agreed you are not Jesus, but Peter His faithful disciple walked on water briefly before  his Lord. He did the supernatural when he demonstrated unusual faith, courage, accepted challenge, conquered fear, demonstrated his potentials, focused on God and stepped out of that boat on the Sea of Galilee that was tossed and buffeted by angry waves.

Peter was in the boat with other disciples rowing to the other side of the lake on the instructions of the Master, Jesus. Midway, sea storms swept across the lake making progress slow; suddenly, they saw a figure walking on water towards them.

They were terrified: “It’s a ghost,” they screamed. When the Lord calmed them down and reassured them of His identity, it was a courageous Peter that was eager to demonstrate the supernatural feat of His Master. He wanted to walk on water. Jesus beckoned on him to proceed. He did and much to his astonishment, walked on water. He never believed he could do it.

But he needed to step out of the comfort and security of that boat to do so.  Peter walked on water as long as he focused on Jesus. But as soon as he shifted his attention to the roaring waves, fear set in; he began to sink. He screamed, and Jesus reached out to hold him. He had little faith that he could do it.

“Can you walk on water?”  Demonstrate faith in your potentials apply this principle to your business and see how you measure up. May be you are tall on business strategy but very short on courage.

A CEO without courage is like a car without fuel. He is all container, no content. He cannot propel his organisation forward. The odds against businesses now are so enormous that only courageous professionals can deliver results.

“Can you walk on water?”

May be you are very brilliant, a good team player, and highly computer literate, but you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone, your boat, to exercise your potentials to the full. You are not willing to brace up to increasing challenges threatening your business. You are still in that boat with your talents, skills, or your employees and rowing with wooden paddles, holding endless management meetings and retreats, sales promotions, and practicing relationship marketing even as your corporate boat is being rocked by the vicious forces of  recession.

The time has come for you to step out of your boat, walk on the murky waters of a turbulent economy, take charge, keep your business afloat, and propel it forward. Maybe you are a thorough bred professional with a large vision for your business. Your name rings a bell in your industry, and your image is towering.

You have won many awards, and your counsel is in high demand.

On the contrary, business has not really been rosy for you. Your standard of living is far below what your potentials command. You are bound by fear. “If only I had money, I will start another project,” you tell your friends. Stop lamenting and begin to tell stories about your new business idea in a way that will convince investors and attract funding. The time to step out of your boat is now. If you do not get out of that boat, with courage and faith and take charge, you will sink.

Begin to tell your value stories, someone, somewhere is bound to listen. If you don’t know how to do it, then employ the services of a professional storyteller. If it is all lamentation you are doing, and displaying fear, you are still sitting in the boat, and probably not rowing.

So who can see farther? Is it the person walking on water or the other sitting in the boat?  To remain afloat and move on, step out of your boat and walk on water.

And what does it take to do that: Tell you value story, decision making, faith in God, focus, be eager and willing to demonstrate your abilities, and shift your attention from problems to solutions.

You can walk on water and the time to do so is now.

Eric Okeke is a storyteller, editor, business writer, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book: I Want a Husband. He is one of Nigeria’s most experienced financial journalists. He has published several articles in local and foreign publications and in websites such as, and He is currently running Infomedia Company, a media consulting and information marketing company. Visit his blog at

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