To get a husband quick, your Balance Sheet (B-Sheet) should be healthy. What do I mean by this? The balance sheet of any business is its financial report card any time. A balance sheet has two sides. The left side shows the fixed and current assets, while the right shows the long term and current liabilities. The fixed assets can be properties, household items, land, plant and machinery. The current assets can be money in the bank, stocks and bonds, cash at hand and income. The liabilities represent what the business owes, long and short term. What makes all of them a balance sheet is when a company’s assets are equal in value to its liabilities.

But its application in the marriage market goes beyond money. Your B-Sheet is a figurative way of showing your real worth, what you have or lack and what you can do or cannot do. It is not about your business. It is about you. Your abilities represent your assets while your weaknesses are your liabilities. If you put comparative values on them, which group is more, your assets or liabilities? If you cannot cook, it is a liability. If you are jobless, quarrelsome or disrespectful, they are all liabilities.

But if you are humble, cool and calculated, of good character, a peacemaker, a good cook, a virtuous woman and God fearing, these qualities are all assets in any woman. The aim of writing your B-Sheet is to know how stable you are in the market. Some women are very unstable. Their liabilities are more than their assets in volume and value. How can they get husbands? Men want marital assets; women who will add value to their lives and business. Assets add value and generate profits; liabilities reduce value and create losses. So which one can you give your husband?

The B-Sheet Application
The assets and liabilities of any business are always changing. In accounting, this is known as the sources and application of funds. Assets and liabilities wear the uniform called funds, which flow from sources to application.

This is how it works. When your assets decrease or liabilities increase, you generate money which you can plough back into your business. For example, if you sell your properties, jewelries, land, equipment or car; you decrease your assets but you generate money. And if you borrow money, your liability increases. This is source of funds.

What about application? When you buy shoes, clothes, go to a salon or go through a training course, you have spent money but you have increased your assets. When you pay back a loan, you have spent money but your liability decreases.

Now let’s apply this understanding to your romantic relationship. When a man gives you money or buys you gifts, it is source of funds for you and application for him. What this means is that, anytime you take money from him, your romantic assets decrease while your liabilities (dependence on him) increases over time.

There is an unwritten code in Nigeria that any man dating a woman should always spend money on her. She likes it that way not knowing that it increases her liability. Soon, he may begin to treat her like a consumer item in the home. Giving her money makes him believe that he can buy any woman’s love. Not true. But Nigerian women seem to make it so because, they believe a man must spend money and time on a woman. Little do they know they are increasing their liabilities which make them unable to get husbands?

The flows
In the marriage market, two flows are operating. They are the flow of money from the man to the woman, and the flow of content from the woman to man. But very few women know they can use the application of their content to hook their men.

If your content flows into your man, he will see you as an asset. So why do you prevent your content from flowing, while your man allows his money to flow? You have to balance the relationship. If your man applies his money on you, apply your content on him. Your content such as humility, charity, fidelity, submission and peace are inexhaustible because, there is a deep well in you supplying all of them. If any man knows you have such a source which can help him, he will not leave you. Just as money flows in the business world, same way, your content should flow in business of marriage.

When it flows to your man, it is source of content for him and application for you. That will increase his liability (dependence on you) while his romantic assets decrease. The liability here means he is liable to marry you. This is how the B-Sheet strategy works. You can put it to work for you.

Eric Okeke is a storyteller, editor, business writer, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book: I Want a Husband. He is one of Nigeria’s most experienced financial journalists. He has published several articles in local and foreign publications and in websites such as, and He is currently running Infomedia Company, a media consulting and information marketing company. Visit his blog at

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