One of the best ways to attract traffic to your website or blog is by recording and uploading videos to YouTube. Many successful online writers also use YouTube videos to highlight the benefits of their products and services.

Most online writers mistakenly believe that setting up, recording and editing videos and uploading them to YouTube requires expensive equipment. However they are wrong. It’s possible to record good-quality online videos with inexpensive hardware and software. The following is a list of the equipment they can use to shoot their first video.

Computer for Recording Online Videos:

There is absolutely no need for an expensive high-end computer to record or edit online videos. An ordinary computer with microprocessor speed of 1Ghz, RAM of 1GB, hard drive of 60 GB capacity, and Window XP or later versions can be used to record and edit videos that are good enough for online marketing.

Video-Camera or Web Camera:

Any web camera that can produce high-quality online videos can be used to shoot good online videos. Again, there is no need for very expensive cameras.

Some successful internet video producers such as Gideon Shalwick recommend the Logitech Pro 9000 web camera.

Others use Flip Video camcorders with built-in software that enables editing and uploading of online videos to YouTube and other video-hosting websites.

Software for Recording and Editing Online Videos:

later versions. You can also use this software to add titles, captions and special effects and background music to your videos.

Other Software Options for Recording Online Videos:

1. The software provided with the web camera can be used to record online videos.

2. Alternatively, you can use a free software program called AMCap.

3. Another option is to use Avidemux, a free open-source program that works with Windows as well as on Linux and Macintosh computers.


A simple microphone such as Logitech noise-cancellation microphone is adequate to produce good audio quality.


Initially, you can use a combination of sunlight and ordinary lights for your YouTube videos. Later, for professional-looking videos, you can use brighter lights to record your videos.


You can use the above equipment, most of which you may already have, to record your videos and to upload to YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Besides being inexpensive, you do not need much technical expertise to use this equipment.

With each video you will find you gain more confidence. Before long, you will find that recording and uploading videos to YouTube is not only easy and fun but also highly profitable!

2 May 2012

Rohi Shetty is a medical doctor, Vipassana meditator, writer, editor, translator and blogger. His short stories and articles have been published online and in print.

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