Cut The Strings: the True Story of a Soul Reclaimed
Author: Lynn Grocott
Foreword by Sir Chris Bonnington
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Lean Marketing Press (July 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0954568192
ISBN-13: 978-0954568191

I was a little stunned when Lynn sent to me a copy of this ebook. I never expected it and I read it with much interest. My attention was grabbed right from the start. It was these words which set me reading this entire ebook in one go: Bryn Jones, who wrote the Preface used these words when signing off: ‘proud friend to Lynn and Glen Grocott.’
I was intrigued and thought that Lynn Grocott must be a special person for a man to write such heartfelt words. And the more I read the more reassured I was about this fact.
The story that Lynn Grocott shares in this book is harrowing, almost. It tells the tale of a girl who lost out on her childhood and was thrust into the adult world well before her time. It is a tale of physical abuse, sexual abuse, being bullied at school, admission to a psychiatric ward, facing the suicide of her parents, multiple sclerosis and even anorexia nervosa. In any ‘normal’ human being, even one of these illnesses could cause the sufferer to consider suicide and yet, Ms. Grocott not only overcame most of these challenges in her life, she has changed her life around and is now helping others.
The most significant part about this entire tale is the fact that she refused to accept that she has refused to accept that she is the victim in any of these circumstances. She says: “This is my story of breaking free from life as a victim and becoming an individual in my own right. It is my story of gaining happiness.”

Furthermore, it is obvious that this realisation is the point where she made up her mind to change her life around. Ms. Grocott says this:

This book does not ask for your sympathy, dear reader; its aim is to show you that you can overcome anything in life. Absolutely nothing need hold you back. Even if now you feel like a victim, you can be a winner, turning unspeakable sexual and physical abuse, violence, deprivation and heartbreak into positive thought and action. We can all become winners instead of victims. We can learn to empower ourselves. We can become aware that we are all unique individuals with something to offer to the world. What is more we owe it to ourselves to discover how magnificent we truly are.

The reason why Ms. Grocott wrote this book is clearly stated when she writes: 
I hope to illustrate to you that each human being has an incredible strength, and the vast resources to cope with anything that hinders happiness, peace and joy. I am not for one minute suggesting that by reading this book you will not face another challenge in your life, but hopefully you will be better equipped to deal with adversity when it rears its head.

I can add that without a doubt, Ms. Grocott has achieved her aim.
Reading Ms. Grocott’s tale, I found myself agreeing with all of the steps she took in her life save for one – I did not particularly like the fact that she made a decision to be voluntarily absent from one of her parent’s funeral. It would seem unthinkable to me; however, considering her position, her needs and perhaps the cultural divide between us, I was quick to stop myself from judging her and instead began to understand her position.
The language used in this tale is very easy to follow and the only thing that will stop the flow of reading this book in one go would be tears and having constantly to reach for tissues.
In the end, this is a story that is all together inspiring and worth every penny. It is opportune, therefore, to end by quoting directly from Ms. Grocott: 

I have learned that the most important purpose in life is to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind; and despite what goes on around us we get to choose how we feel about it. …
I have learned the true value of happiness, it cannot be bought and it cannot come from other people. Happiness comes from accepting yourself, liking yourself and believing in yourself.

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