5 Words to Creating Unstoppable Confidence

One thing drives me each and every day to keep growing, learning, and striving for my dreams.

It is this single idea, five simple words, that has dramatically improved my life, giving me the positive motivation and confidence necessary to achieve my goals and really enjoy each moment I am alive.

Today, I am going to share this idea with you. Once you recognize the power of this idea, I am convinced that you will possess an endless pool of positive motivation, energy, and total excitement about the future. It will inspire you to reach your own goals and dreams, creating the life you have always wanted.

The idea has surrounded you every since you were born. Right now, at this very moment, there are hundreds of examples of this concept in your home or office. You can’t go a day without seeing it in action, trying its best to get your attention. Isn’t it always the things that are right under our noses that offer the most truth and wisdom?

What About Your Dreams?

As you read the words on your screen, I know there are goals and dreams filling your head. We all want more in our lives. More freedom, more wealth, more happiness and more health. It’s a universal need within all human beings to grow and advance. But very few actually do anything about it.

Be it fear, a lack of desire, or self-limiting beliefs, there is some reason why you haven’t taken action towards your goal. But it has to happen sometime. Something must grip you with enough strength to make you say, ‘Today is the day I start making more of my life!’

I now want to give you the five words that will equip you with an amazing boost to your motivation and confidence. No matter what your goal may be, and no matter how old or young you are…

Someone else has done it.

I get so excited about these five words because they offer undeniable proof of your potential for success. They take away the doubt and fear that holds so many people back, and instills a confidence that cannot be stopped.

Why Don’t People Take Action?
The fear of failure and rejection are powerful forces. These fears spell certain doom for thousands of goals every year. Think about it. How many people do you know that are giving up on their goals because they are afraid to fail? The numbers are staggering.

These five words can save you from this trap. The fact that someone else before you has accomplished the goal you are now striving for puts all of the control in your court. It is possible. You have proof. Now it’s your turn to make it happen. You have the confidence to move ahead without fear.

Confidence is key for motivation, happiness, and the overall quality of your life. A personal experience will help to drive the concept home.

Several years ago I was in the airport waiting for my return flight back home. I had just visited some family in New York, and was reading the newspaper when I heard two men talking a few seats over.

These men seemed to be in a heated discussion over some important topic, and I couldn’t help but take notice of their conversation.

‘Why in the world do you think you can do it? Why are you so sure that you can succeed?” the older of the two asked with contempt. ‘What makes you so special?’

‘I know I can start this business. If someone else has done it, why can’t I? Besides, it’s not one person who has done it, thousands have succeeded. I’m willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to make it happen.’

The older man just shook his head and went back to flipping a coin. The younger man smiled brightly and returned to his book. I noticed the title just before he sat it on his lap – Starting a Home-Based Business. It was already plain to see these two men were headed down very different paths. One towards his dream, and the other to the same old job working for the same old boss.

Conviction; Confidence
This younger man was really inspiring. I wish I could recapture the moment for you adequately with words because I know it would move you. You could see it in his eyes. He knew he would not fail in the end because he was certain of his success. If someone else did it, with the same two eyes, ears, and hands, he could do it as well.

I had no doubt in my mind that this young man would succeed. I could see that he would never give up. He would find a way. Knowing that someone else out there made it happen was all he needed. The rest would come with time.

It was a wonderful life-lesson happening right in front of me. It had quite an impact. I thought about what the young man had said, and it really hit home. From that day I had a new energy and enthusiasm about my goals. This young man reminded me that capturing my dreams was possible.

But there’s more to the story…

Knowing someone has succeeded is only half of the magic. The other half is strategy. Anyone who has succeeded at achieving a goal or dream followed a specific strategy to make it happen. It was not luck, it was doing the right things, in the right order.

It’s just like a recipe. You have to put the ingredients together in a specific order, and in specific amounts, to get the desired result. Your dreams are no different. And our society is such that nearly every strategy for success is detailed in thousands of books, magazines, speakers, newsletters, Web sites, newspapers, movies, and hundreds of other methods. You are surrounded by the secrets to achieving your goal.

Think of a goal that is important to you. Now ask yourself, ‘Has someone already done it?’ If so, don’t reinvent the wheel! Find out exactly what they did and use their strategy to help you succeed in half the time and without the struggle or frustration.

The Best Time to Begin
Today could be the first day you take a positive step towards a better future. It could also be the day that you take another step forward, already having begun the journey. Whatever your situation may be, once you learn the strategy to success you cannot fail.

By Jason M. Gracia – Motivation123
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