5 tips on how to relate things in the most interesting manner

“How are you?” asks a friend at a party.

“I am well. But you know, last week, my mother gave me this lecture about how I should find a man and settle down. Then at work my boss was terrible; I tell you he really gave me a hard time over a project that was not completed. And the best part is that I was not in charge of this project …” and so you go on.

Notice how the person who asked you a question is slowly making his way away from you? He’s probably regretting ever asking you the question in the first place.

Well, the skill of answering a question and retaining the interest of your audience is just that – a skill. It can be cultivated and practised over and over again and in time you will know just the right thing to say to the right person.

Here are 5 tips to help you develop this skill.

Tip #1 – Find an interest
Find something that you are passionate about and read anything and everything that you can get your hands on about this topic … then remember it.

Do an experiment with yourself – assume that you read an article yesterday. Now can you tell me, who wrote it? When was the article written? What material did you gather this information from? How was it written?

Can you remember anything really about the article you read … just yesterday?
So more important than just blindly reading everything, you must begin to appreciate the finer details about this skill.

Tip # 2 – Get Inspired.
You’ll be more likely to be able to narrate a tale with confidence when you are acquiring knowledge about something that inspires you.

Acquire knowledge about the things you absolutely love. You do not need to spend loads and loads of money. For example, if you like bird watching, then learn all you know about it and when you begin to narrate a tale about this passion of yours, your enthusiasm will shine through. Even the most uninterested person will be inspired by your words.

Tip # 3 – Relax and take a deep breath
This is serious stuff. If you are going to launch into explaining something you absolutely love to an audience, you need to be relaxed yourself. If you hurry through you explanation, your audience will certainly feel it and you will not be able to sustain their interest.

Tip # 4 – Make sure you consume the right things and be hygienic
When you are about to begin relating a tale of some sort, nothing can be off putting to your audience than bad breath.

Also, it is a known fact that sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy, but they also cause a person anxiety and tension. Most certainly, alcohol is a depressant.

Tip # 5 – Get intimate with your audience
This means that when you are speaking to someone do not look at the ceiling, or the chair, or food display. Establish the contact with your audience and ensure that the attention you are giving is whole hearted. Guaranteed, you will receive the same level of attention in return.

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